Views for 2012-05-29

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Glenn Greenwald
Obama Re-Defines "Militant" and the Media Eats It Up
Virtually every time the U.S.
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Mary Bottari
Is "Right to Work" Next on Walker's Agenda?
Many are wondering if making Wisconsin a "Right to Work" state is next on Governor Scott Walker's agenda if he wins the recall election on June 5. Right to Work laws weaken unions by allowing members...
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Hannah Griffiths
Ahead of Rio+20, A Battle to Define 'The Green Economy'
The 1992 Rio Earth summit established " sustainable development " firmly in the global political lexicon – even though the term meant, and continues to mean, different things to different people.
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Stephen Zunes
Bipartisan Assault on Middle East Peace
Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed a dangerous piece of legislation ( H.R. 4133 ) which would undermine the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, weaken Israeli moderates and peace...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Time to Fight for a Minimum Wage Increase
The federal minimum wage is now $7.25 cents an hour, about $15,080 for a full time, year round worker. At that level, it means poverty wages for a family of three, and weakened demand for the economy...
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Andrew Bacevich
Unleashed: Globalizing the Global War on Terror
As he campaigns for reelection, President Obama periodically reminds audiences of his success in terminating the deeply unpopular Iraq War. With fingers crossed for luck, he vows to do the same with...
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Paul Buchheit
How the "Job Creators" REALLY Spend Their Money
In his "Gospel of Wealth," Andrew Carnegie argued that average Americans should welcome the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, because the "superior wisdom, experience, and ability" of...
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David Macaray
What’s an American Worker’s Life Worth? About $5,900
Acknowledging the alarming polarization and gridlock of Congress, and the startling, rightward shift of the political spectrum, you regularly hear people declare that there is no way we could get...
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Arun Gupta
Cleveland Occupy Arrests are the Latest in FBI's Pattern of Manipulation
Like real-life Avengers, the FBI and 23 separate police agencies joined forces and pounced on a band of villains hell-bent on sowing chaos in a sleepy Midwest suburb earlier this month.
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