Views for 2012-05-25

Friday, May 25, 2012
Liza Featherstone
US Public School System is Under Attack
The US public school system, once a model for the world, is under sustained attack by the nation's elites. Philadelphia, the latest casualty, is getting ready to sell off its schools - and their...
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Donna Smith
Praying for Health Care Sanity
I admit it. I pray. I know there are intellectuals who are above such frivolity and for whom the showing of any belief in a power greater than one’s self and one’s intellect is the ultimate sign of...
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Eric Holt-Giménez
Obama's New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition: Nothing New About Ignoring Africa's Farmers
President Barack Obama wants to convince the world that he is actually a liberal after all.
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Mehdi Hasan
Sadly Barack Obama, Like Mitt Romney, Is an Apologist for the 1%
Poor Mitt Romney. Despite defeating a weird and wacky line-up of candidates in a grueling Republican primary race, and despite selling himself as "the CEO president", he can't seem to shake off his...
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Shawna Foster
Why I Threw Back My 'Global War on Terror' Medal
"I was a Nuclear Biological Chemical Weapons Specialist for a war that didn't have any Weapons of Mass Destruction! So I deserted. I'm one of the 40,000 people that left the United States Armed...
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Michelle Chen
Why a Growing Movement of Young People Could Ignite a Workers' Revolution
The following is an excerpt from a longer essay, ‘What Labor Looks Like: From Wisconsin to Cairo, Youth Hold a Mirror to History of Workers' Struggles,’ written for the new book, Labor Rising: The...
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Matt Taibbi
The Facebook IPO: Shareholders Weren't Invited to the Real Party
A suit has been filed by Facebook shareholders against Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Morgan Stanley and others.
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Deepak Bhargava
Creating Change is the People's Job
There is a grumble being repeated in some progressive circles. It goes like this: “President Obama has been a disappointment. But what’s the alternative?” It’s usually followed by a sigh and a plea...
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Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
On Memorial Day Weekend, America Reckons with Torture
Facing the truth is hard to do, especially the truth about ourselves. So Americans have been sorely pressed to come to terms with the fact that after 9/11 our government began to torture people, and...
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