Views for 2012-05-18

Friday, May 18, 2012
Jake Olzen
National Nurses United: Still We March
The past couple of weeks have been something of a roller-coaster for National Nurses United and it all culminates today with the first major march and rally in what is expected to be a weekend of...
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Ed Weisbart
Medical Students Embrace Medicare for All
If you ever want to rekindle your hope for American medicine, spend time with medical students. These bright, energetic minds are going into medicine for all the right reasons — to help people,...
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Carolyn Eisenberg and Gael Murphy
Civics 101: Cutting Defense Means Not Voting for $642.5 Billion for US Military
Some readers probably heard on the news how the Democrats were hopping mad when the House Republicans voted recently to overturn the “sequester” on the Pentagon budget, enacted at the end of the year...
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Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
Repsol Sues Argentina for $10 Billion Over YPF Nationalization
Repsol, a multinational based in Spain, has brought a class action lawsuit in New York courts against the Argentine government for the re-nationalization of YPF, the former Argentine state oil...
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Safa Joudeh
Israel’s Prison Regime Can No Longer Go Unnoticed
Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev would have us believe that Israel willingly and graciously conceded the demands of 2,000 hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners in the name of peace, and as an...
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Robert Jensen
The Case for a Morality of Radical Caution
Though my politics are radical, my approach to vexing moral questions is cautious; I try to be aware not only of my limits but of human limits to understand ourselves in a complex world. That’s why I...
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Laura Carlsen
Women: 50% of the 99%
What’s 50 percent of 99 percent? Hint: This isn’t a math quiz. To put the question in non-numerical terms: where are women in the global economic crisis?
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Laura Flanders
Where are the Missing Five Million Workers?
"Where have all the workers gone?" David Wessel of the Wall St. Journal wondered about the labor force this week:
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Phil Rockstroh
In the Name of My Father: Requiem and Renewal in the Shadow of Wall Street
On May 1, after a day of May Day activities on the streets and avenues of Manhattan, my wife and I and a troop of other OWS celebrants marched into Zuccotti Park to jubilant exhortations of "welcome...
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Andy Kroll
When 'Greed Is Good' and 'Inequality Is Even Better'
Gordon Gekko, the infamously cutthroat capitalist and lead character in Oliver Stone's Wall Street , captured the heady years of the 1980s with a single, indelible line : Greed is good .
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John Nichols
A New Politics That Rejects Austerity and Wars of Whim
There's something sick about a politics that tells children to give up their lunch money so that billionaire speculators can avoid paying taxes. And that sickness will only be cured by a new politics...
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Paul Krugman
Apocalypse Fairly Soon: The Moment of Truth in Europe
Suddenly, it has become easy to see how the euro — that grand, flawed experiment in monetary union without political union — could come apart at the seams. We’re not talking about a distant prospect...
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Ray McGovern
Israel and the Neocons Mounting Pre-Emptive Strike on History
With the 45 th anniversary of the Six-Day War of June 1967 coming early next month, pro-Israel pundits like syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer are again promoting Israel’s faux-narrative on the...
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