Views for 2012-05-15

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Katrina vanden Heuvel
It's Time to Break Up the Big Banks
Consider $2 billion lost on a bad bet, plus billions more as investors dumped the stock, a providential warning. When Jamie Dimon, the imperious head of JPMorgan Chase, revealed that the bank had...
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Ramzy Baroud
The Palestinian Nakba: The Resolve of Memory
Many Palestinians remember and reference al-Nakba, also known as the Catastrophe, on May 15 every year. The event marks the expulsion of nearly a million Palestinians, while their villages were...
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Jesse Jackson
Message to NATO: We Need Smarter Kids, Not More Smart Bombs
Chicago is girding for the opening of the NATO Summit on May 20. The ministers and heads of state will be greeted by a rich array of protests, marches, events and counter-summits. Security is already...
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Maira Sutton
Internet Freedom Activists Protest Secret Trade Agreement Being Negotiated This Week
The U.S. content industry will try anything to preserve its profit margin and power over the creative content market at the expense of the Internet. They will use any tactic that circumvents...
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Sarah Anderson
Nurses Push Tax on Trades to Help Sick
Of all the street actions leading up to the NATO summit, the one that might seem most perplexing is a nurses’ rally for a tax on securities trades. Financial markets are pretty remote from hospital...
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Immanuel Wallerstein
European Elections: Is the Center Holding?
Elections in Western parliamentary systems are always about the center. The standard situation is one in which there are two dominant parties - one somewhat right of center and one somewhat left of...
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Matthew Rothschild
Jamie Dimon’s Lack of Accountability
So Jamie Dimon has pushed Ina Drew, his chief investment officer, to walk the plank. Dimon called her bad bet that cost the bank more than $2 billion “stupid.” But he himself, just a month ago,...
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Harvey Wasserman
Will You Pay as New Nuke Reactors Jump $900 Million in 3 Months?
The projected price for Georgia's Vogtle Double Reactor Project has jumped at least $900 million in just three months... and that's just for starters . Will you pay for it? The future of new atomic...
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Todd Tucker
US-Colombia Trade Deal a New Low for Workers and the Environment
It is oddly fitting that U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Ron Kirk would celebrate today’s implementation of the U.S.-Colombia trade deal at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce . After all, even as the U.S...
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William Astore
The National Security State Wins (Again)
Now that Mitt Romney is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, the media is already handicapping the presidential election big time, and the neck-and-neck opinion polls are pouring in. But...
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Gary Younge
Strategic Madness: How Being 'The Party of No' Is Working for the GOP
In exit polls during the Republican primaries, voters were given four choices about what they believed to be the most important quality in a candidate: "can defeat Obama", "true conservative", "...
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Bianca Jagger
Why Tibet Matters
His Holiness the Dalai Lama is in London this week to receive the Templeton Prize in recognition of his outstanding achievements and spiritual wisdom.
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Bill Quigley
Five Reasons Drone Assassinations Are Illegal
US civilian and military employees regularly target and fire lethal unmanned drone guided missiles at people across the world. Thousands of people have been assassinated. Hundreds of those killed...
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Jim Lobe
US Arms Sale Sends Wrong Signal to Bahrain
The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is sending the wrong signal to the government of Bahrain in proceeding with a partial sale of new arms to Manama, according to human rights activists...
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Dean Baker
Deficit Reduction: The Great Distraction
This is the week of the third annual Deficit Fest, the event sponsored by Wall Street billionaire Peter G. Peterson. At this event, many of the people most responsible for the current downturn come...
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