Views for 2012-05-14

Monday, May 14, 2012
Sam Pizzigati
No Country for Rich Men
Back in 1863, a short story took the American reading public by storm. Edward Everett Hale's The Man without a Country told the tale of a poor treasonous soul sentenced to spend the rest of his life...
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Alison Hope Alkon
Farm Protesters Land Seized by UC Berkeley
The newly established farm on UC Berkeley-owned Gill Tract will soon be empty. At the time of this writing, it is surrounded by riot police from at least 8 different UC Campus police forces. Nine...
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Brian Moench
Climate Crisis: The Silence is Deafening
Those of us who have been waiting impatiently for Obama to shed his apparent cocoon of compromise, caution and cowardice finally got a hint last week that a real leader may yet emerge and spread his...
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Lisa Haver
The End of Public Education in Philadelphia
If the School Reform Commission and Chief Recovery Officer Thomas Knudsen have their way, we may witness the end of public education in Philadelphia. A five-year plan proposed by Philadelphia School...
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Chris Hedges
Colonized by Corporations
In Robert E. Gamer’s book “The Developing Nations” is a chapter called “Why Men Do Not Revolt.” In it Gamer notes that although the oppressed often do revolt, the object of their hostility is...
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Jon Reinsch
On Empathy: Obama's, Cheney's, and Ours
“Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it’s an issue our family is very familiar with. …With the respect to the question of relationships, my general view is freedom means freedom for everyone. ...
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Tom Engelhardt
Predator Nation: America as a Shining Drone Upon a Hill
Here’s the essence of it: you can trust America’s crème de la crème , the most elevated, responsible people, no matter what weapons, what powers, you put in their hands. No need to constantly look...
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Paul Buchheit
Five Facts That Put America to Shame
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" These words, from poet Emma Lazarus, were inscribed on the Statue of Liberty over 100 years ago. Today...
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Marjorie Cohn
Romney the Bully
Last week, I was invited to speak to 40 high school freshman about human rights. When we discussed the right to be free from torture, I asked the students if they could think of an example of torture...
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