Views for 2012-05-05

Saturday, May 5, 2012
Kristine Mattis
"Licensed to Ill"
I am not usually one to be affected by celebrity events. I tend to treat these “momentous” celebrity news stories with an eye roll and an angry rant about all of the important news in the world being...
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Pepe Escobar
The French Elections: Off With King Sarko's Head
He posed in spectacular grandeur as the neo-imperial Liberator of Libya - only a few years after Colonel Muammar Gaddafi helped finance his 2007 election campaign with a cool US$65 million.
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Jim Hightower
Walmart: The Stench of Bentonville Spreads to Mexico -- and Back
Wal-mart has long boasted of its "Always Low Prices," but now it has confirmed that it also has "Always low morals."
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Mark Weisbrot
Argentina's Model, an Alternative to Austerity
One of the great myths about the Argentine economy that is repeated nearly every day is that the rapid growth of the Argentine economy during the past decade has been a "commodity export boom".
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Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez
To Avert Climate Change Disaster, Connecting the Dots Must Go Viral
As of 8:30 a.m. EST this morning, 10,000 Facebook folks had already “liked” the new “Connect the Dots” campaign , which encourages people around the world to connect the dots between climate...
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Stephen Leahy
Standing Up for the Planet and the Future
What are you doing on Saturday? Peter Nix, a retiree, will be standing on a railway track on Canada's west coast blocking a coal train destined to ship U.S. and Canadian coal to Asia.
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Rebecca Kemble
Walking to NATO Protest in Chicago
On Tuesday, six people set off from the state capitol in Madison, WI, on a 170-mile walk to Chicago to protest the NATO summit scheduled for May 20.
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David Cay Johnston
Social Security Is Not Going Broke
Which federal program took in more than it spent last year, added $95 billion to its surplus and lifted 20 million Americans of all ages out of poverty? Why, Social Security, of course, which ended...
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