Views for 2012-05-03

Thursday, May 3, 2012
Kristen Breitweiser
Heights of Hypocrisy: The Universal Use of 9/11 in Politics
A year ago, I wrote a blog about the death of Osama bin Laden, " Today is Not a Day of Celebration for Me ." I wrote the blog after witnessing so many Americans celebrating, fist-pumping, dancing,...
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Kari Hamerschlag
Subsidy Buffet for Agribiz, Table Scraps for Good Food
The farm bill draft released by the Senate Agriculture Committee last week (April 20) falls far short of providing farm and food policies Americans want. In a national poll last year, 78 percent said...
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Laura Flanders
May Day 2012: Love in a Hopeless Place?
Banish from your head those sepia newspaper photos of massed men in matching hats. Forget, for a moment, the bellow of the grand oratorical leader. May Day in New York City was not like 1912. Instead...
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David Cole
39 Ways to Limit Free Speech
Google “39 Ways to Serve and Participate in Jihad” and you’ll get over 590,000 hits. You’ll find full-text English language translations of this Arabic document on the Internet Archive , an Internet...
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Ray McGovern
Obama's Counter-Terrorism Adviser Befuddled Over the ‘Why’ of Terrorism
John Brennan, President Obama’s chief adviser on counter-terrorism, has again put on public display two unfortunate facts: (1) that the White House has no clue as to how to counter terrorism; and (2...
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Martin Lukacs
Quebec Student Protests Mark 'Maple Spring' in Canada
The social unrest roiling Quebec is colour-coded red. One cannot miss the hundreds of thousands of people with cloth of the colour pinned to their coats and satchels; the stickers pasted on street...
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Sam Pizzigati
A Rich Man's Message to America: You Need Us To Get Even Richer!
How can you tell a really smart rich guy from a really silly one? The really smart one would never spend four years writing a book that tries to justify the incredible riches of incredibly rich...
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Bill McKibben
A Warmer World and Weather Gone Wild: The Most Important Story of Our Lives
The Williams River was so languid and lovely last Saturday morning that it was almost impossible to imagine the violence with which it must have been running on August 28, 2011.
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David Suzuki
Environmentalism Has Failed: On Adopting a Biocentric Viewpoint
Environmentalism has failed. Over the past 50 years, environmentalists have succeeded in raising awareness, changing logging practices, stopping mega-dams and offshore drilling, and reducing...
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Naureen Shah
Drone Attacks and the Brennan Doctrine
In remarks on Monday, US counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan admitted for the first time that US drones have killed civilians. "It is exceedingly rare, but it has happened," he said.
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Tom Hayden
Obama's Afghanistan Speech: A Guide for the Perplexed
President Obama’s dramatic speech from Afghanistan should be parsed as a careful election-year orchestration of his plan to “wind down” the war. It is no accident that the speech came during the...
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Amy Goodman
The Real Mad Men: Following the Money Behind TV Political Ads
May Day, Murdoch and the murder of Milly Dowler. What do they have to do with the 2012 U.S. general election? This year’s election will undoubtedly be the most expensive in U.S. history, with some...
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Ramzy Baroud
Illegal Settlements Bonanza in West Bank
Israel’s colonization policies are entering an alarming new phase, comparable in historic magnitude to the original plans to colonize Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem following the war of 1967.
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