Views for 2012-04-17

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Tim Karr
Big Brother Is Not Your 'Friend'
Increasingly, the U.S. government has shown an intense desire to “friend” you, to “follow” you, to get to know your every online move. Now they’re channeling that desire towards legislation that...
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Diane Roberts
The Republicans Who Want Ignorance to Get Equal Time in Schools
Not content with merely waging war on women, Republicans are targeting another enemy of conservatism: education. New Hampshire state Republican Jerry Bergevin recently railed against science and the...
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Robert Reich
On Tax Day, I'm a Class Worrier (Not a Warrior)
As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., wrote in 1904, “taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.”
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David Gross
How to Not Pay Taxes
Nine years ago, I started living a more bountiful life by working less, earning less, and spending less.
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Deborah James
Rewriting the Rules of the Global Economy
To start understanding what’s wrong with the international financial institutions (IFIs), we need to look at why we actually need economies to function. The most important economic issues to most...
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Michael Hastings
The Rise of the Killer Drones: How America Goes to War in Secret
One day in late November, an unmanned aerial vehicle lifted off from Shindand Air Base in western Afghanistan, heading 75 miles toward the border with Iran. The drone's mission: to spy on Tehran's...
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Tom Engelhardt
Sizing Up the Peace Prize War President
Of course, it wasn’t Barack Obama’s fault. He didn’t nominate himself for the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2009 when he was already on a distinct war trajectory in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Nobel...
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Doug Pibel
No Tax Dollars for Deadbeats
When I file my tax return and look at the amount of income tax I pay, I can’t help but think of those who don’t pay any taxes at all. Some of them—even though they make money during the year—not only...
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Daisy Grewal
How Wealth Reduces Compassion
Who is more likely to lie, cheat, and steal—the poor person or the rich one? It’s temping to think that the wealthier you are, the more likely you are to act fairly. After all, if you already have...
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Danny Schechter
On Saving the 'Soul' of Occupy
Perhaps my problem is that I live in too many worlds at the same time, while many political eras live in me. That may be why I responded so negatively to a recent polemic wrapped up in a poetic...
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Michelle Chen
The Boss Man Cometh: Through State Tax Breaks, Employers Pilfer Workers’ Earnings
As you file your taxes this week, before complaining about how much you’re forking over to Uncle Sam, bear in mind that the tax man might not be the only one you’re writing a check to: Your boss...
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