Views for 2012-04-12

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Mark Engler
ALEC Annoyed at Losing Sponsors? It Breaks My Heart
It is a myth that Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” But that old saying nevertheless carries a lot of truth when it comes to social...
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Scott Edwards
Pollution Trading: Making Crime a Commodity
Pollution trading is being promoted by industry and industry-funded nonprofits alike as a solution to managing offending pollutants in our waterways. Nowhere is this a bigger problem than in the...
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Bill Zimmerman
You Can't Say That: Why the Best Solutions Are So Often 'Off The Table'
Some political reforms make so much common sense they have to be banned from polite conversation.
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Harvey Wasserman
A Dying Empire Invades Oaksterdam, Our Privacy & Our Speech
At freedom's core is protection from arbitrary police power and the right to choose one's own medicine, as well as to express one's opinion, however controversial. All three of these rights have...
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Robert Scheer
You're On Your Own, Kids
Who will speak for the rights of the unborn now that Rick Santorum is gone from the race? Let me give it a whirl from the perspective of one whose own unwed mother had several abortions before yours...
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Rebecca Leisher
Watch Us Move Our Millions
Since the big corporate banks crashed the economy in 2008, they’ve been rewarded with bailouts, tax breaks, and bonuses, while American workers lose jobs and homes. Little wonder that many Americans—...
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Robert C. Koehler
Chemical Warfare: The US Military's Pill Addiction
To fight our insane wars, we’re wrecking our soldiers’ ability to live with themselves and function in society, then regulating what’s left of them with chemicals, which often make things...
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Juan Cole
Why Washington’s Iran Policy Could Lead to Global Disaster
It’s a policy fierce enough to cause great suffering among Iranians -- and possibly in the long run among Americans, too. It might, in the end, even deeply harm the global economy and yet, history...
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Amy Goodman
The Long, Hot March of Climate Change
The Pentag on knows it. The world’s largest insurers know it. Now, governments may be overthrown because of it. It is climate change, and it is real. According to the U.S.
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Gary Younge
In Florida, Zimmerman's Crime Was Preceded and Followed by the State's
George Zimmerman is behind bars. Six weeks after he shot Trayvon Martin , the state of Florida has been pressured, from above and below, to at least contemplate the notion that a man who killed an...
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Ralph Nader
Media Madness: Promoting Society's Worst, Ignoring Its Best
March Madness comes once a year. Media Madness is year-round. What the mass media choose to cover and feature try to turn the priorities of any sane society upside down. People of vice, war, money,...
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John Atcheson
The Real Invisible Hand: George Orwell, and Why We Got JOBs not Jobs
When Obama took Office on January 20 th , 2009 the stench of failure hung over the conservative’s economic philosophy like a mushroom cloud. For the second time in a decade, deregulation had produced...
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