Views for 2012-04-07

Saturday, April 7, 2012
Paul Krugman
Job News: Reactions and Overreactions
Hmm. I see that some people are accusing me of overreacting to one bad month of job news. Um, no. What has actually been happening is that conventional wisdom overreacted to four months of good(ish)...
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Dr. Jen Gunter
A Life Without Contraception
My mother was raised in poverty of Dickensian proportions. Crowded public housing, never enough money for coal, and always hungry. One sister spent much of her youth in a tuberculosis sanatorium...
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Donna Smith
Spring Has Sprung and So Has My New Medical Debt
It’s only April – early April at that – and my medical debt is already taking its toll. After surgery in January, the bills started rolling in before I was able to return to work. Yes, I have...
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Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez
This Spring, Let Us Commit Ourselves to Life
Both Passover and Easter “celebrate” truly horrendous acts committed by men against men. Passover commemorates how the Jews were spared by the grace of God from the Pharaoh’s evil plan to kill all...
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Alice Jones
What the New Sgt Pepper Cover Tells Us About Modern Britain
Where once stood Marilyn, now stands Delia, in a Norwich City scarf. HG Wells has been ousted by JK Rowling, Marlene Dietrich bumped by Kate Moss. As for John, George and Ringo – they're nowhere to...
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Christopher Brauchli
'Holiday on ICE', Broccoli as Humor
Among animals, one has a sense of humor. — Marianne Moore, The Pangolin
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Anis Shivani
Modern American Politics as Performance Art
At an early Republican presidential debate the candidates all raised their hands like robots when asked if they would veto a ten to one ratio of spending cuts to tax increases to balance the budget...
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