Views for 2012-03-29

Thursday, March 29, 2012
JoAnne Berkenkamp, Bill Wenzel
Everyone at the Table: Local Foods and the Farm Bill
The local foods movement in the United States has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, but still represents a small portion of the overall food system. How can local food systems continue...
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Robin Broad, John Cavanagh
A World Bank President We Can Get Behind?
Over the past week, there has been a small revolution in a part of the universe of the elite, and the collective actions of citizen groups deserve some credit for it.
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Peter Hart
Media Blackout: Progressive Budget vs. Paul Ryan (Again)
Last year Republican Rep.
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John Feffer
Creating the Muslim Manchurian Candidate
Those who fervently believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim generally practice their furtive religion in obscure recesses of the Internet. Once in a while, they’ll surface in public to remind the news...
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Pratap Chatterjee
Deadly Blow to Death Penalty Drugs
U.S. imports of sodium thiopental - often called the “truth serum” – have been banned by a judge because of the poor quality of imports, particularly from the UK. The ruling has struck a serious blow...
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Renee Parsons
Iran and the Non-Proliferation Treaty
Soon after President Obama's speech before AIPAC's annual convention, the potential attack on Iran, which just a few weeks earlier had seemed so imminent, faded quietly into the background. Gone from...
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Amy Goodman
Forget Fear of Flying, Fear Airport Screening
There was terror in the skies this week over Texas, caused not by a terrorist but by a pilot—a Flight Standards captain, no less. JetBlue Airways Capt. Clay Osbon, flying Flight 191 from New York’s...
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Robert Scheer
The Supremes & Obama Care: Five Hypocrites and One Bad Idea
The Supreme Court is so full of it. The entire institution, as well as its sanctimonious judges themselves, reeks of a time-honored hypocrisy steeped in the arrogance that justice is served by...
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Ghada Karmi
Global March to Jerusalem: An Act of Homage to a City in Danger
On March 30th a ground-breaking event will take place. I had not expected it would ever happen when I first heard about it. While teaching at the Summer University of Palestine last July in Beirut, I...
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Adrienne Rich
Making the Connections
Editor's note: Poet, essayist, and political activist Adrienne Rich died on Wednesday at the age of 82. The following is an essay of hers Common Dreams ran in December of 2002. It reads as well now...
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Ravi Katari
Affordable Care Act: An Allegorical Perspective
Let’s imagine ourselves as belonging to a remote valley population that survives on water supplied by groundwater reserves. As a society we have collectively decided to send the best and brightest to...
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Brian Terrell
Ignoring Empire: King, Gandhi, and the 99% Spring
‘99% Spring’ has been declared. ‘This spring, we will … rise up in the tradition of our forefathers and foremothers. We will not be complicit with the suffering in our families for another year.
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Ramzy Baroud
Computing Intifada: When Will Palestinians Revolt?
When will the Palestinians revolt? The answer, according to an Israeli official: not this year (as quoted by Agency France Press).
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