Views for 2012-03-20

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Bill McKibben
90 Degrees in Winter: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like
The National Weather Service is kind of the anti-Mike Daisey, a just-the-facts operation that grinds on hour after hour, day after day. It’s collected billions of records (I’ve seen the vast vaults...
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Dean Baker
Paul Ryan's Sham Budget Reflects GOP Deficit-Cutting Mania
If you want to see House budget committee chairman Paul Ryan sanctimoniously excuse himself and his friends for missing the most predictable economic crisis in the history of the world, you now have...
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Ramin Jahanbegloo, R.N. Khatami
Iranian Dissidents Don't Want War
An attack on Iran, by Israel or the United States, could have catastrophic consequences for all sides involved. In his recent visits to Canada and the United States, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin...
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Willie Osterweil
Occupy the War Machine
The differences are slight: one decade, one president, one letter out of four. “Change the q to an n, don’t use the phrase ‘WMD’ or ‘pre-emptive strike’”; each incoming Press Secretary should just...
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Jesse Jackson
In Hard Times, Democracy More Important Than Ever
Is democracy a luxury good in America, discarded when the going gets rough? Apparently Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder thinks so. In Michigan, Detroit and other cities have hit the wall. The Great...
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Jessica Pieklo
How Conservatives Use Campaign Finance Law to Promote Anti-Choice Agenda
By now it should come as no surprise that anti-choice activists are engaged in a targeted and specific legal strategy to roll-back abortion rights. After all, it has proven to be more successful to...
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David Dayen
Ryan Budget: Medicare Privatization, Big Spending and Tax Cuts
Paul Ryan’s budget was released this morning. He kicked it off with another pretentious video preview and a somewhat less pretentious and more standard op-ed in the Wall Street Journal . Ryan’s...
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Valerie Strauss
Corporate-Driven Report Exemplifies Failed Thinking on US Education
A new report being officially released today — by a Council of Foreign Relations task force chaired by Joel Klein and Condoleezza Rice — seems to want very much to be seen as the new “A Nation at...
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Glenn Greenwald
Afghanistan and American Imperialism
US army staff sergeant Robert Bales is accused of slaughtering 16 Afghan villagers, including nine children, and then burning some of the bodies. The massacre took place in two villages in the...
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Matt Taibbi
Another Hidden Bailout: Helping Wall Street Collect Your Rent
Here's yet another form of hidden bailout the federal government doles out to our big banks, without the public having much of a clue. This is from the WSJ on Monday :
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Tom Engelhardt
US in Afghanistan: A Destiny Written with Dead Bodies
Just a couple of days after “ Sergeant Massacre ” left his base in southern Afghanistan and singlehandedly perpetrated the My Lai of the Afghan War, shooting and evidently in some cases stabbing to...
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William Hartung
Throwing Money at the Pentagon: A Lesson in Republican Math
If you’ve been fretting about faltering math education and falling test scores here in the United States, you should be worried based on this campaign season of Republican math. When it comes to the...
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Randall Amster
You Don’t Need a Clock to Know What Time It Is
With each passing day, the news grows increasingly grim. In recent weeks alone, we’ve seen women’s rights under assault as reactionary forces seek to turn the clock back by decades. Half a world away...
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Lisa Graves
“Social Security is Broke”—and Other Corporate Scare Tactics
Winston Churchill reportedly said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on.” That was before corporations had perfected the art of public relations,...
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Lawrence Wittner
Try a Little Nuclear Sanity
On February 8, 2012, Congressman Edward Markey (D-MA) took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to introduce the Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures Act (H.R. 3974). This SANE Act...
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Chris Longenecker
Why Occupy Needs Days of Action
As I sit in the New York City Police Department’s central booking, which has become my second home over the course of the last 48 hours, I’m reminded again why we keep mounting days of action and...
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