Views for 2012-03-08

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Bill McKibben
Women Lead Charge for Another Keystone XL Victory
Today was... quite a day. The bell that people struck last August when they sat in at the White House to block the Keystone Pipeline was still resonating. Not loudly -- the oil money in Congress...
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Amy Goodman
Big Nuclear's Cozy Relationship with the Obama Administration
Super Tuesday demonstrated the rancor rife in Republican ranks , as the four remaining major candidates slug it out to see how far to the right of President Barack Obama they can go.
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Amy Gluckman
How to Cover Everyone: Vermont’s Single-Payer Success
The activists who celebrated the passage of Act 48 in Vermont last May will be the first to tell you that there is still a long road ahead. It may be six years before universal, single-payer health...
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Robert Scheer
Dennis Kucinich: Conscience of the Congress
“Dennis will be back, you can count on it; he’s on the right side of things.” I recall those words from a printer in Cleveland who had rented Dennis Kucinich a room in the back of her plant when that...
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Joseph de la Torre Dwyer
The CFPB vs. Student Loan Sharks
College students today take on more debt than ever with fewer prospects of paying that money back. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported that 27 percent of education borrowers have past due...
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Robert Naiman
Conyers Urges Obama to Nominate Jeff Sachs to Lead the World Bank
President Obama has a historic opportunity to help reform the World Bank, by nominating development expert Jeffrey Sachs to be the World Bank's next president. Sachs has said that as president he...
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Diane Ravitch
Flunking Arne Duncan
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan loves evaluation. He insists that everyone should willingly submit to public grading of the work they do. The Race to the Top program he created for the Obama...
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Gar Smith
Flare-up: How the Sun Could Put an End to Nuclear Power
Solar energy may soon eclipse nuclear power — only not in the way we hoped. According to NASA, the planet will soon face an outbreak of powerful solar flares capable of collapsing global power grids...
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Gwynne Dyer
Reasons to Attack Iran
The last time US President Barack Obama met Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, it was obvious that the two men distrusted and despised each other. This time (5 March), their mutual dislike...
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Ruth Rosen
Contraception: The New American Soap Opera
For weeks, bewildered Americans have witnessed politicians debate whether or not contraception should be covered by President’s Obama’s new health care plan. On March 1, after some of the most...
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Ann Jones
Green on Blue: Dead Americans, Dead Goats, and Half a Million Gunmen on the Loose
Recent weeks have brought yet another sad chance to watch badly laid plans in Afghanistan go haywire. In three separate incidents, allies, most from the Afghan National Army (ANA), allegedly murdered...
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Mark Engler
Joe Nocera Is Wrong About Environmental Activism
Can you be an environmentalist and support things like the Keystone XL pipeline and hydraulic fracking? Not likely, but it’s conceivable. Can you be an environmentalist and oppose the power of the...
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Marge Baker
The War on Women in the Courts
In 2007, five men on the Supreme Court told Lilly Ledbetter that she was out of luck. Ledbetter, after two decades working as the only female supervisor at a Goodyear tire plant in Alabama, had sued...
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Laurie Penny
That's Enough Politeness – Women Need to Rise Up in Anger
To get into the UN Commission on the Status of Women, you have to get past several ranks of large armed men. In the foyer, you can buy UN women-themed hats and tote bags, and pick up glossy pamphlets...
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Robert C. Koehler
PTSD: A Cancer of the Spirit
Can we squeeze the glory out of the word “war”? Can we talk about savage irrationality and lifelong inner hell instead? Can we talk about the wreckage of two countries? Can we talk about spiritual...
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