Views for 2012-02-20

Monday, February 20, 2012
Robert Kuttner
The Radical Center We Don't Need
Tom Friedman of the New York Times is at it again, claiming that what America needs to fix our economic and political mess is a radically centrist third party. Radical in this case means conservative...
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Paul Buchheit
The Definition of Insanity: Deregulating Over and Over and Expecting Different Results
A cynic might argue that business leaders and their friends in Congress weren't expecting different results.
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Joseph Nevins
A Tale of Two Voyages and the Global Color Line
The tragic running aground of the Costa Concordia and dramatic images of the massive luxury cruise ship keeled over off the coast of Tuscany, Italy in mid-January made for intense media coverage...
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Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez
Calling on President Obama: Be Our Warrior for Peace
Although most Americans think of Presidents’ Day mainly in terms of sales on home appliances and electronics, as well as a welcome mid-winter day off, it’s worth stopping to think for a moment about...
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Danny Schechter
“We Are Drowning” On A Road To Nowhere: New War on the Horizon
“At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed. Oh had I the ability, and could reach the nation’s ear, I would, pour out a fiery stream of biting ridicule, blasting...
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Tom Engelhardt
A Real-Life War Novel With No Plot and No End
If all goes as planned, it will be the happiest of wartimes in the U.S.A. Only the best of news, the killing of the baddest of the evildoers, will ever filter back to our world.
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Stephen Leahy
Building Sustainable Future Needs More Than Science, Experts Say
VANCOUVER - Contrary to popular belief, humans have failed to address the earth's worsening emergencies of climate change, species' extinction and resource overconsumption not because of a lack of...
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Gideon Levy
Iran Uses Terror to Target Civilians, and So Does Israel
A great miracle happened in Tbilisi, New Delhi and Bangkok, and alongside that miracle there was ineptitude that flies in the face of Iranian pretentions and ambitions. But the intentions were clear...
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Chris Hedges
Acts of Love
Love, the deepest human commitment, the force that defies empirical examination and yet is the defining and most glorious element in human life, the love between two people, between children and...
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Carole Joffe
The Abortion Wars: The Real People Behind the Restrictions
The last ten days or so we have seen Republicans, and their religious allies, wage a war against contraception—and bungle it badly.
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John Atcheson
US Running on Myths, Lies, Deceptions and Distractions
The United States is headed for a plutocratic dystopia where a few gated communities sit like islands amidst a sea of bitterness, misery, and want. Why? Because the country is running on lies, myths...
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Ellen Brown
How Greece Could Take Down Wall Street
In an article titled “Still No End to ‘Too Big to Fail,’” William Greider wrote in The Nation on February 15 th : Financial market cynics have assumed all along that Dodd-Frank did not end "too big...
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