Views for 2012-01-23

Monday, January 23, 2012
Michelle Chen
The Politics of Immigrant Scapegoating: Not Just an American Pastime
Around the world, as long as people keep moving, politicians will continue to talk breathlessly about the immigration “crisis.” It’s a campaign trail standard in the U.S., but in Britain and Western...
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Clean Water Safeguards Headed Down the Drain?
When the Clean Water Act was enacted, the Cuyahoga River was so polluted that it literally caught fire, the majestic Hudson River’s fishery was gone and Lake Erie was declared all but dead. This bold...
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Yves Smith
Obama to Use Pension Funds of Ordinary Americans to Pay for Bank Mortgage “Settlement”
Obama’s latest housing market chicanery should come as no surprise. As we discuss below, he will use the State of the Union address to announce a mortgage “settlement” by Federal regulators, and at...
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Robert Jensen
Conservative Fantasies About the Miracles of the Market
A central doctrine of evangelicals for the “free market” is its capacity for innovation: New ideas, new technologies, new gadgets -- all flow not from governments but from individuals and businesses...
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Michael Cooper
Four-Year-Old Asil Arara: An Unreported Story from Occupied Palestine
A beautiful four-year-old girl with braids, Asil Arara had been playing in a field not far from her home in Anata, and not far from the Separation Wall and the Israeli settlement of Anatot. In the...
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Van Jones, George Goehl
Obama's Choice on Housing: A Sweetheart Deal for the 1% or a Fair Deal for the 99%
Rumor has it that as early as today, after months of negotiation with big banks, the White House may announce a settlement that would let the banks off the hook for their role in the foreclosure...
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Wendell Potter
Park City Vantage Point Puts Tragedy of American Health Care in Vivid Relief
The journey I embarked on when I made the decision to leave a successful career in the health insurance business was a spiritual one.
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David Morris
Challenging the Republican's Five Myths on Inequality
Recent comments by Mitt Romney, the probable Republican nominee for President all but guarantee the inequality issue will remain front and center this election year.
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Bill Quigley
Ten Steps for Radical Revolution in the US
“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values.” --Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1967
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Ellen Cantarow
Shale-Shocked: Fracking Gets Its Own Occupy Movement
This is a story about water, the land surrounding it, and the lives it sustains. Clean water should be a right: there is no life without it. New York is what you might call a “water state.” Its...
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Karl Grossman
Eminent Domain and the Fight Against Nuclear Power
The nuclear power program in the United States was set up rigged—to allow the federal government to push atomic energy with state and local governments “pre-empted” on most issues. That’s what the...
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Nathaniel Batchelder
Avoiding a Catastrophic War with Iran
Pray cooler heads will guide America in the dialogue and decision-making over Iran’s position in the world. Iran does not have nuclear weapons, and there is no certain evidence that such a program is...
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