Views for 2012-01-20

Friday, January 20, 2012
Bernie Sanders
We Must Stop This Corporate Takeover of American Democracy
The corporate barbarians are through the gate of American democracy. Not satisfied with their all-pervasive influence on our culture, economy and legislative processes, they want more. They want it...
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Brendan Fischer
Two Years After "Citizens United," Amending the Constitution is Essential
January 21 marks the second anniversary of Citizens United v. F.E.C. , where a narrow majority of the U.S. Supreme Court asserted that the Constitution prevents Congress from limiting the amount of...
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Michelle Chen
After Tragedy, Apple Tries to Polish Image on Workers’ Rights
Apple’s trademark is the intuitive elegance of its designs. Yet when it comes corporate and labor practices, Apple’s track record looks like a morass of obfuscation and murky public-relations...
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Ellen Schrecker
The Fading Dream of Higher Education in the US
It seems fitting that some of the activity inaugurated by the Occupy Wall Street movement migrated from city squares to college campuses, where students, from Berkeley to the City University of New...
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Mary Ellen O'Connell
Why Obama's 'Targeted Killing' is Worse than Bush's Torture
By June 2004, it was confirmed that the US was using torture at secret detention sites and at Guantánamo Bay , Cuba. It was in that month that piles of "torture memos" were released to the public.
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Chase Madar
Blood on Whose Hands?: Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, and the Blood of Civilians
Who in their right mind wants to talk about, think about, or read a short essay about... civilian war casualties ? What a bummer, this topic, especially since our Afghan, Iraq, and other ongoing wars...
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Greg Kaufmann
We Know How to Curb Poverty, We Simply Fail to Act
This week, at a forum on poverty and the 2012 election, Republican pollster Jim McLaughlin said 88 percent of voters view a candidate’s position on equal opportunity for children of all races as...
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Jim Horn
On US Education: It’s the Socioeconomic Segregation, Stupid
In a piece for The Nation last week, Linda Darling-Hammond demolished most of the remaining chunks of any size within the crumbling structure of corporate education’'s most ironically-titled reform...
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Jeff Madrick
How Austerity Is Killing Europe
On the last day of 2011, a headline in The Wall Street Journal read: “Spain Misses Deficit Target, Sets Cuts.” The cruel forces of poor economic logic were at work to welcome in the new year. The...
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Robert McChesney
After 'Citizens United': The Attack of the Super PACs
We have seen the future of electoral politics flashing across the screens of local TV stations from Iowa to New Hampshire to South Carolina. Despite all the excitement about Facebook and Twitter, the...
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Danny Schechter
House of Lies: How Do We Foreclose?
If you go to the corner of 8 th Avenue and 42 nd Street near Times Square in Manhattan, just down from the Wax Museum and around the corner from the bus station, and look up, you’ll see an oversized...
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Jamie Henn
How the Pipeline Died—And How to Bury It For Good
This Wednesday afternoon, the Obama administration rejected the permit for Keystone XL, a 1,700 mile oil pipeline that would have run from the tar sands of Alberta to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico...
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Russell Mokhiber
Can Politico Sink Any Lower?
Politico is out this morning with a
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