Views for 2012-01-11

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Ralph Nader
Iran: The Neocons Are At It Again
The same neocons who persuaded George W. Bush and crew to, in Ron Paul's inimitable words, "lie their way into invading Iraq" in 2003, are beating the drums of war more loudly these days to attack...
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Ted Rall
Rise of the Republican Socialists
Newt Gingrich made a name for himself as the right-wing ideologue who led the 1994 "Republican Revolution." What a difference the wholesale collapse of international capitalism makes.
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Dave Zweifel
High Court Opened Door to Legalized Bribery
Remember the 2010 State of the Union address when President Obama spoke directly at the Supreme Court justices sitting in the front row and “lectured” them about their Citizens United decision?
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Sally and Bill McCoy
Grandparents, Unite! Your Grandchildren’s Future is at Stake
"Your grandchildren’s future is at stake. Your courageous voices, actions, and sanity are needed to defend their dreams and their right to a full and happy life. Join us and help draw attention to...
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Thomas Walkom
Stephen Harper’s Northern Gateway Pipeline Parody
The federal government’s claim that big-money foreign interests are trying to hijack hearings into a proposed west coast oil pipeline is, at one level, high parody. It is also deeply disturbing. The...
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Chris Kromm
Immigration: Rhetoric vs. Reality
Just as immigration is growing as a hot political topic in the South and country, the number of immigrants is in steep decline.
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Lizz Winstead
Sh*t Republican Candidates Say
And then, there were six.
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Michael Ratner
Guantánamo at 10: The Defeat of Liberty by Fear
On 11 January 2002, the United States began showing major signs of what I call "Guantánamo syndrome", after one of the ailment's first and most enduring symptoms.
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Jeff Cohen
Obama, Sarkozy and Taxing Wall Street
With U.S. media obsessing on the fight here at home among conservatives vying to become president, most of them missed some big news about France, which already has a conservative president. This...
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Robert Naiman
On Iran IAEA Reporting Complaints, NYT Public Editor Rules for the Plaintiffs
Responding to complaints over a New York Times report that purported to cite "a recent assessment by the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran's nuclear program has a military objective," New...
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Trudy Bond, Roy Eidelson, Brad Olson, and Stephen Soldz
Psychologists’ Collusion in Ongoing Illegal Detentions
As we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the arrival of the first prisoners at Guantánamo Detention Center, several thousand miles away sits another United States detention facility, less well-known...
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