Views for 2011-12-27

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Glenn Greenwald
Vote Obama – If You Want a Centrist Republican for US President
American presidential elections are increasingly indistinguishable from the reality TV competitions drowning the nation's airwaves. Both are vapid, personality-driven and painfully protracted affairs...
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Yifat Susskind
2011’s Big Wins – Brought to You by Women
2011 was a year of transformations.
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H. Patricia Hynes
Women are the Biggest Losers: Reflecting on the War in Iraq
In the third week of December 2011, a confluence of political events profoundly affecting Iraqi and American women took place.
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Lyric Hughes Hale
The Coming Accidental War with Iran
Our attention has been rightfully turned to the stomach-churning photos of women being dragged by the hair through the streets of Egypt and Bahrain, and reports of yet more deaths in Syria. As this...
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John Nichols
Out, Damn Newt: 5 Reasons Why Gingrich is Headed for Footnote Status
For a week or so, Newt Gingrich was riding high in Dubuque, Iowa. His poll numbers were great nationally. In battleground states such as New Hampshire and Florida, he elbowed more credible contenders...
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Tony Norman
Support Attracted by Ron Paul Sends Chills
One of the most bizarre things about the Republican presidential primary contest is the popularity of Ron Paul. The Texas congressman has been a libertarian standard-bearer for more decades than that...
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Roberto Rodriguez
Iraq War: Reaffirmation or the End of US Exceptionalism?
In the United States, the most significant event of 2011 hands down should have been the withdrawal of the last U.S. troops from Iraq. But for most Americans, the end of this illegal and immoral war...
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Brian Moench
Utah Doctors Join "Occupy" Movement
Taking inspiration from the Occupy Movement, last week a group of doctors and environmental groups in Salt Lake City, Utah announced a law suit against the third largest mining corporation in the...
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Paul Rogat Loeb
If You Care About Keystone and Climate Change, Occupy Exxon
It seemed like the afterthought in the payroll tax cut extension fight, a small consolation prize to the Republicans on what should have been the easiest of bi-partisan votes. But the two-month clock...
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Kathy Kelly
Assembly Time
Arab Spring, European Summer, American Autumn, and now the challenge of winter. Here in Kabul, Afghanistan, the travelers of our small Voices for Creative Nonviolence delegation share an apartment...
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Paul Buchheit
Half of America In Poverty? The Facts Say It's True
Recent reports suggest that almost 50% of Americans are in poverty or at a "low income" level. The claim is based on a new supplemental measure by the Census Bureau that includes health care,...
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Medea Benjamin
Ten Good Things About a (Not So) Bad Year
I had the privilege of starting out the year witnessing, firsthand, the unfolding of the Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Square. I saw people who had been muzzled their entire lives, especially women,...
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