Views for 2011-12-12

Monday, December 12, 2011
Rich Bindell
Are Privatized Water Utilities in Cahoots With Shale Gas Companies?
On one hand, we have shale gas companies who have been rushing into various regions of the country to extract gas using a dangerous extraction process that involves toxic chemicals potentially...
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Robert Naiman
On Complaints over Iran Nuclear Weapon Claims, WaPo Ombud Rules for the Plaintiffs
Has your hometown newspaper drunk the Kool-Aid on claims that "the debate is over," and everyone now knows that Iran is pursuing the acquisition of a nuclear weapon? Help is on the way. On Sunday,...
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Ruth Rosen
Occupy: You Can’t Evict an Idea
As snowstorms and freezing rain announce the arrival of winter, it’s hard to remember that the Occupy Wall Street movement emerged just a few months ago, in September. Enraged by the government...
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Dean Baker
A Tale of Two Deficit Charts
Not long after I first came to Washington 20 years ago I was at a conference dealing with Social Security privatization. One of the panelists used a number for the administrative costs of private...
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Laura Flanders
What a Difference an Occupation Makes
It was never a genuine question. Money media prattled on about Occupy Wall Street’s supposedly ineffable demands the same way they batted aside the end capitalism signs to wonder what the Seattle...
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Sam Pizzigati
Presenting America’s Ten Greediest of 2011
The greediest among us in 2011 probably haven’t been any greedier, as a gang, than any greedy of the recent past. They just seem that way. Why so? We have a whole new frame of reference. This fall’s...
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Ira Chernus
Gingrich on Palestine: Small Truths In A Big Lie
If Newt had really said what the headlines claimed: “Gingrich Calls Palestinians an ‘Invented’ People,” I would have shrugged and said, So what? Americans are an invented people too. So are British,...
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Jim Goodman
Occupy the Food System
Farmers have been through this before — our lives and livelihoods falling under corporate control. It has been an ongoing process: consolidation of markets; consolidation of seed companies; an ever-...
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Tom Engelhardt
The 1% Election: How to Turn Election Year Into Election Life
Sometimes words outlive their usefulness. Sometimes the gap between changing reality and the names we’ve given it grows so wide that they empty of all meaning or retain older meanings that only...
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