Views for 2011-12-07

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Ralph Nader
Time to Save the Post Office
The battered national consensus behind a national universal postal service--conceived by Benjamin Franklin--is heading for a free fall due to bad management, corporate barracudas and a bevy of...
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Alex Main
CELAC: Speaking for Latin America and the Caribbean
On Saturday, Dec. 3 – while most of the U.S.
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Michael Winship
Merry Christmas: No More Insider Trading on Capitol Hill?
The other day, a couple of kids up in Kingston, NY, called 911 looking for Santa Claus. Law enforcement arrived to tell them that what they had done was naughty, not nice, but in deference to the...
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Mary Pittman, Kavita Ramdas
Why the International Climate Negotiations in Durban Matter for Women
This has been a year of unprecedented weather-related disasters, at home and around the world. The world’s leading climate scientists have proclaimed these disasters related to climate change , and...
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Margaret Kimberley
Black America at the Bottom
The nation’s economic news is grim indeed, and is the grimmest of all for black Americans. Recently released census data shows that while the median yearly income in this country is $50,000, it is...
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Ronnie Cummins
Put the Fat Cats on a Diet: Stop Buying Tainted Food From Billion Dollar Corporations
“I have not spoken to one farmer who doesn’t understand the message of Occupy Wall Street, the message that so many people keep saying is nebulous. It’s very clear. Because of business and corporate...
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George Lakoff
Words That Don’t Work
Progressives had some fun last week with Frank Luntz, who told the Republican Governors’ Association that he was scared to death of the Occupy movement and recommended language to combat what the...
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Paul Buchheit
The Conservative Plan To End Inequality: Deny It
As progressives, we must occasionally test our beliefs by venturing into the netherworld of the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, and American Enterprise Institute (AEI). This is a murky world,...
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Maria Hadden, Josh Lerner
How to Start Participatory Budgeting in Your City
Have you noticed all the cuts being made to your city budget? To schools and libraries, fire fighters and social services, and other public spending? Think you could do a better job managing the...
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Phil Rockstroh
"By Imbeciles Who Really Mean It": Lost Verities and Dirty Hippies
Regardless of the dissembling of corporate state propagandists, free market capitalism has always been a government subsidized, bubble-inflating, swindlers' game, in which, psychopathic personalities...
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Amy Goodman
Listen to the People, Not the Polluters
DURBAN, South Africa—High above the pavement, overlooking Durban’s famous South Beach and the pounding surf of the Indian Ocean, and just blocks from the United Nations Climate Change Conference,...
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Michael Moore
The Winter of Our Occupation
And now it is winter. Wall Street rejoices, hoping that the change of seasons will mean a change in our spirit, our commitment to stop them. They couldn't be more wrong. Have they not heard of...
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