Views for 2011-11-21

Monday, November 21, 2011
Ann Wright
Protests Fill Tahrir Square, Again
It’s midnight Monday in the Middle East. The streets of Cairo are hopping. Egyptians are angry with the lack of change and the heavy handiness of the Egyptian military and police. I just arrived in...
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Karen Dolan
Thank You “Super Committee!” You Failed, Now The Rest Of Us Can Succeed
Thank you to Super-Committee Republicans who remained intransigent in their insistence of governing by and for the 1%, protecting their self-interest and the interests of the Super-Rich and Wall...
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Allison Kilkenny
Occupy Wall Street and the Importance of Creative Protest
Perhaps the single biggest factor that helped lead to the Occupy movement’s success in capturing the media and public’s attention has been its creativity. Novel protest strategies have served as OWS’...
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Jane Mayer
The Pipeline Protests: Taking It to the Streets
Last spring, months before Wall Street was Occupied, civil disobedience of the kind sweeping the Arab world was hard to imagine happening here. But at Middlebury College, in Vermont, Bill McKibben, a...
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Bob Dreyfuss
Is Egypt Syria?
Egypt, whose revolution in February, was a landmark of the Arab Spring, is looking more and more like, well, Syria.
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Robert Hass
Poet-Bashing Police
LIFE, I found myself thinking as a line of Alameda County deputy sheriffs in Darth Vader riot gear formed a cordon in front of me on a recent night on the campus of the University of California,...
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Jason Benlevi
A Generation Moves from Preoccupied to Occupy
Preoccupied by 24/7 entertainment and inhabiting a world surrounded by LCD screens on a variety of devices, the millennial generation was on its way to becoming completely virtualized, digitized, and...
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Sarah Anderson
Occupy the Budget: How to Pay for the Crisis While Making Our Nation More Equitable, Green, and Secure
Some lawmakers are trying to give America the cartoon image of a penniless hobo, circa 1932, with holes in his pants and nothing but a cold can of beans for dinner. We're broke, they say, with no...
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John Nichols
40,000 Rally, More Than 100,000 Sign Petitions, to Say 'Recall Walker'
As tens of thousands of Wisconsinites rallied in Madison for a mass signing of petitions to recall anti-labor Governor Scott Walker Saturday, it was announced that the drive had collected 105,000...
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Kalle Lasn, Micah White
Why Occupy Wall Street Will Keep Up the Fight
On Tuesday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg evicted the Occupy movement from its spiritual home near Wall Street. Soon afterward, a longtime Occupier sent us his testimony from the streets of New...
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Chuck Currie
The Christian Spirit Rests with Occupy Protestors
I went directly from the events that occurred on the night of Nov. 12 and early Sunday morning the 13th at Occupy Portland to the pulpit of Ainsworth United Church of Christ to repeat what I have...
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Andy Kroll
How the 99% Won in the Fight for Worker Rights
No headlines announced it. No TV pundits called it. But on the evening of November 8th, Occupy Wall Street, the populist uprising built on economic justice and corruption-free politics that’s spread...
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