Views for 2011-11-14

Monday, November 14, 2011
Rebecca Solnit
Throwing Out the Master’s Tools and Building a Better House: Thoughts on the Importance of Nonviolence in the Occupy Revolution
Violence Is Conventional Violence is what the police use. It’s what the state uses. If we want a revolution, it’s because we want a better world, because we think we have a bigger imagination, a more...
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Daniel McKanan
The Spiritual Heritage of the Occupy Movement
Almost two hundred years ago, shoemakers, tailors, and other “working men” gathered at Philadelphia’s First Universalist Church to protest the increasing inequality of their society. Wealth was...
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Kit Kittredge
“Freedom Waves” -- Another Challenge to the Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza and the US Congress
Why I wanted to Challenge the Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza
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Lynn Stegner
Occupational Hazards of Patriotism
UC Berkeley students will go on strike Tuesday, calling for systemwide solidarity. Touched off by last week's police action, the strike also anticipates Wednesday's UC Regents meeting to discuss more...
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Holly Sklar
Don’t Fall for ‘Nigerian Scam’ on Overseas Profits
Lobbyists are storming Capitol Hill, pushing a tax holiday that would give billions of dollars in tax breaks to less than 1 percent of American businesses – and stick the other 99 percent with the...
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Ann Wright
No Speedy Trial for Bradley Manning; Now in Pre-Trial Confinement for 560 Days
Five months ago, on April 22, 2011, over 400 citizens converged on Quantico Marine Base to protest the pre-trial conditions of alleged Wikileaks whistleblower US Army Private First Class Bradley...
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César Chelala
The Egyptian Military is Lifting Its Mask
The killing under torture in a maximum security prison in Cairo of Essam Ali Atta Ali, a 24-year-old Egyptian, raises concern on the role of the Egyptian military in the “New Egypt.” His death was...
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V. Noah Gimbel
Do Iran's Objections to the IAEA Report Deserve Consideration?
Much of the U.S.
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Brian Moench
Signs of Intelligent Life in the Murdoch Universe
No one accuses the Wall Street Journal, icon of the business world, of devoting excessive column space to protection of the environment or public health. On the contrary, the WSJ has been an...
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Andrew Bacevich
Big Change Whether We Like It or Not; Only Washington Is Clueless
In every aspect of human existence, change is a constant. Yet change that actually matters occurs only rarely. Even then, except in retrospect, genuinely transformative change is difficult to...
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