Views for 2011-11-13

Sunday, November 13, 2011
Winona LaDuke
The Pipeline for the One Percent
President Obama’s pause on the Keystone Pipeline is a victory for the environment, for sure. It is also a victory for the American people. As it turns out, once the advertising, and lobbying dollars...
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Jim Horn
NY Times Continues to Blame Schools and Teachers for Poverty and Penury
The Business Roundtable's Rube Goldberg plan for evaluating teachers in Tennessee (and other venues with RTTT money) has met with almost universal disdain, a response that has brought CEOs running...
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Dave Lindorff
Washington’s Fake ‘Concern’ About a Possible Israeli Attack on Iran
When it comes to mainstream press reports about a possible Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, it’s time to check the bullshit detector.
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Glenn Greenwald
US Takes the Lead on Behalf of Cluster Bombs
Slightly more than two months after he was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama secretly ordered a cruise missile attack on Yemen, using cluster bombs , which killed 44 innocent...
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Tom Kellar
Occupy Movement: Getting the Message Out
There is much unrest in the world these days concerning the economic status quo and those who govern. The news has been full of uprising and discontent, everything from the Arab Spring to the...
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Bonnie Erbe
Women of US, Arab Spring Share Uncertain Rights
Women trying to secure a foothold for their rights in countries whose governments were upended during the so-called Arab Spring have a lot more in common with American women than one might at first...
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Mitchell Schnurman
Bell Helicopter Wants Tax Breaks but Can Afford to Pay Wall Street
Occupy Bell Helicopter? To get an idea of why people are so angry at corporate America and the political class, consider a local exchange last week. Bell Helicopter negotiated an 80 percent tax...
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Michelle Chen
Making Sex Workers Visible in the Village Voice Media Ad Controversy
In a perfectly “free” labor market, everyone theoretically has the right to exchange work for commensurate compensation. But a free market is not necessarily a just one. And when the commodity is sex...
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Danny Schechter
What Will The Next Phase of Occupy Wall Street Take Us?
A week ago, I produced a TV documentary on inside the Occupy Wall Street encampment in New York. It was already somewhat obsolete by the time it aired. The Park, once a buzzing center of debate and...
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Paul F. deLespinasse
Unemployment Not Just a Problem for Returning Veterans
It is hard to disagree with President Obama when he tells us it is wrong for returning veterans to be unable to find work. Even Senate Republicans went along with his proposal to give tax credits to...
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Mike Meyers
Republican Policies Would 'Soak the Poor'
Republicans proudly champion freedom. Freedom from health care. Freedom from clean air and water. Freedom from immigrant potato pickers. The holiest of holies for Republican true believers, however,...
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Jeffrey D. Sachs
The New Progressive Movement
OCCUPY WALL STREET and its allied movements around the country are more than a walk in the park. They are most likely the start of a new era in America. Historians have noted that American politics...
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