Views for 2011-11-06

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Nancy Mancias
Drones: Tragedy, Not Comedy!
U.S. drone warfare is the topic of an upcoming dark comedy for FX, focusing on drone pilots in Nevada who commute to war and “bomb the hell out of the Middle East” . Although the description doesn’t...
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Bryan Farrell
Remembering Who Made Today’s Tar Sands Action Possible
Just arrived in Washington DC for today’s big tar sands action. Over 10,000 people are expected to encircle the White House and show President Obama that there will be much to reckon with if he doesn...
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Dean Baker
Bill Clinton, the Person Who Set the Economy on Its Bubble Driven Path, Has Economic Advice for the Country
The Post reports on a new book by President Clinton which offers economic advice to the country.
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Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman
Will the 1% Steal Ohio's Labor Rights Referendum?
Tuesday’s most important vote is the repeal of Ohio’s vicious anti-labor Issue 2. Polls show the repeal winning by 20% or more. But will it---like the 2004 presidential election---be stolen by a 1%...
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Caroline Arnold
Exercise Your Right to Empowerment. Cast Your Vote Tuesday
Alone, each of us is fairly powerless unless we have money or deadly weapons – which goes a long way toward explaining why gun ownership and inequities in wealth are intractable issues in our society...
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Michael Winship
Some Disturbing Truths about Rick Perry's Texas
I’m at sea this week -- literally, for once -- and learning helpful nautical stuff. For example, the old, three-mile limit for territorial waters was established in 1702 as the maximum distance a...
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