Views for 2011-11-01

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Gabriel Thompson
Tomorrow, a General Strike in Oakland
The details are familiar to many by now.  
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Mira Luna
Local Money Creates Wealth Outside the Bubble
Ever since the crash several years ago, Americans have felt precarious about the nation's economy and the value of its currency.
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Wenonah Hauter
Factory Farming: Not Just on Land Anymore
When most people think of factory farming they typically think of feedlots, hog factories or chicken operations–not massive open net pens growing millions of fish in our oceans. However, factory fish...
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Robert Reich
Greeks' Choice — and Ours: Democracy or Finance?
Which do you trust more: democracy or financial markets?
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Marion Brady
Why I Oppose High-Stakes Standardized Tests
In 1949, I was a self-employed trucker, buying and hauling timber for shoring up the roofs of coal mines in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. A very long United Mine Workers strike put me out of the...
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Kamran Mofid
Global Crises are Spiritual: A Time for Awakening
Many sages, philosophers and theologians throughout history have reminded us that there are two forces at work in society, the material and the spiritual.
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Phyllis Bennis
Occupy Wall Street: A Postcard from Amazing Times
This is an extraordinary time. The astonishing Occupy Wall Street movement emerged as the heart of our 99%, claimed the little scrap of earth in Zuccotti Park on behalf of all of us, and created a...
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Lawrence Weschler
The Great American Shakedown
A bit over an hour into the five-hour drive across the ferrous red plateau, heading south toward Uganda’s capital Kampala, suddenly, there’s the Nile, a boiling, roiling cataract at this time of year...
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Sharif Abdel Kouddous
Egyptian Military Targets Pro-Democracy Bloggers
One of Egypt's most prominent bloggers and revolutionary activists is behind bars.
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Frank Barat
Not Judges, But Witnesses: The Third Russell Tribunal on Palestine Begins
“ We do not represent any state power, nor can we compel the policy-makers responsible for crimes against the people of Vietnam to stand accused before us. We have no force majeure. The procedures of...
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Glenn Greenwald
Middle East Propaganda 101
When it comes to American propaganda about the Middle East, this New York Times article — detailing U.S. plans to bolster its influence in the region after it “withdraws” from Iraq — is a masterpiece...
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César Chelala
Executing the Mentally-Ill is a Crime
Christopher Johnson’s execution by the State of Alabama creates serious doubts about the justice of a measure that is widely criticized by human rights advocates throughout the world. According to...
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Mark Engler
Niall Ferguson, Defender of the 1%
Conservative historian and Harvard professor Niall Ferguson has a funny habit. He asserts himself as a timely political commentator by weighing in on a debate about a hot contemporary problem. But...
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Diane Roberts
The Republican 'Voter Fraud' Fraud
Presidential candidate and angry white man Newt Gingrich seems nostalgic for the good old Jim Crow poll tax days: he has called for people to have to pass an American historical literacy test before...
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Judy Rabin, Jim Horn
'Teachers Want Corporate America Assessed'
It has been more than a week ago since I stood in Times Square penned in behind barricaded fences in a sea of tens of thousands protesters at the Occupy Wall Street rally.
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