Views for 2011-10-28

Friday, October 28, 2011
Katharine Ainger
Occupy Protests: A Movement Taking Root
The Occupy movement, from Madrid to Wall Street to London, asks: "Why are the bankers in charge when nobody voted for them?" Like its predecessors in the anti-globalization movement, it is struggling...
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Robert Costanza
Needed: The Solutions Generation
The Arab Spring and now the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are indications of growing unhappiness with the state of the world, especially among the younger generation. As Paul Krugman has pointed...
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John Nichols
How the Wounding of a Vet Who Dared to Dissent Has Stirred More Dissent
“We Are All Scott Olsen!” was the message of vigils held across the United States Thursday night, held in answer to a call from Iraq Veterans Against the War and Occupy Oakland for “occupations...
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Ruth Conniff
Elizabeth Warren Is Scary!
The Republicans are trying to sink Elizabeth Warren by linking her to the Occupy Wall Street protests. But the nation's top financial reformer is not backing down.
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Jay Walljasper
Why Are Bikes Being Targeted by Congress?
How in the the world can biking and walking be controversial?
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Thomas S. Harrington
One Thing You Can’t Hide…..Is the Authoritarian Inside
You can shine your shoes and wear a suit. You can comb your hair and look quite cute You can hide your face behind a smile One thing you can’t hide Is when you’re crippled inside --John Lennon “...
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Tom Engelhardt
Kneecapping the Environment
If your child has asthma and it’s getting worse, then news about the White House’s recent retreat on ozone (that is, smog) standards for the air over your city wasn’t exactly cause for cheering.
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Amy Dean
Occupy Wall Street and America’s Democratic Tradition
I was recently talking with some friends who work at the Chicago Board of Trade. Hearing the opinions voiced by Occupy Wall Street protesters, the traders agreed that they’d seen disturbing changes...
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