Views for 2011-10-23

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Barbara Ehrenreich
Throw Them Out With the Trash: Why Homelessness Is Becoming an Occupy Wall Street Issue
As anyone knows who has ever had to set up a military encampment or build a village from the ground up, occupations pose staggering logistical problems. Large numbers of people must be fed and kept...
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Cindy Sheehan
Justice for Casey Sheehan and Hundreds of Thousands of Others
It was with great sorrow and fear that my family watched the insane and inexplicable rush of our nation to invade two countries that had absolutely nothing to do with the events on September 11, 2001...
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Leonard Pitts Jr.
World's Eyes are on Occupy Movement
"You say you want a revolution?" — The Beatles By one measure at least, the movement that began with Occupy Wall Street is already bigger than the Tea Party ever was. According to a report in the...
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David Sarasohn
In Mud of Occupy Portland, Looking for a Seed
"Thank you for coming to visit what we're doing," beams the cheerful, curly headed 20-something standing at one of the corners of the Occupy Portland encampment Friday morning. "We're glad you're...
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Jonathan Steele
The Iraq War is Finally Over. And It Marks a Complete Neocon Defeat
The Iraq war is over. Buried by the news from Libya, Barack Obama announced late on Friday that all US troops will leave Iraq by 31 December. The president put a brave face on it, claiming he was...
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