Views for 2011-10-22

Saturday, October 22, 2011
Ray McGovern
Plus ça change: Iraq Done; On to Iran!
Paul R. Pillar, my former colleague in the CIA’s analytical division, has raised a warning flag, cautioning that the same imaginative neocon composers who came up with the various refrains on why we...
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Laura Rance
Research Shows Organics are No Longer Marginal
Organic farmers and their customers have had to put up with a lot of crap from their fellow producers over the years. The labels are one thing, such as "crunchy granola set" or "hippie dippies" or "...
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Matt McCarten
Global Protest Shows Way for People Power
The only benefit of having the old Soviet Union around was that some capitalists in the Western world believed it really was a workers' state. The rise of socialist ideas prodded Western governments...
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Jeffrey Bachman
President Obama’s “Unforced Errors”
On January 27, 2010, Rachel Maddow said, “Republicans have been as unanimous as they can be in opposition to every major thing this president has tried to do and they expect to continue to be as best...
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James Zogby
Whether in Egypt or America, It Takes Organization to Win
In 1981, my brother, John Zogby, ran for Mayor of Utica, New York. Like other factory towns across New England, the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Western states, Utica was in decline. The factories that had...
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Medea Benjamin, Charles Davis
Only 'Success' in Iraq is that US Troops are Leaving
The U.S. occupation of Iraq is reportedly set to come to an end, with most of the roughly 40,000 soldiers currently stationed there set to be removed by year's end. But let's make no mistake:...
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Rose Ann DeMoro
Nurses Call the Question on Obama and Global Financial Transaction Tax – Which Side are You On?
Will President Obama be the main holdout when world leaders, under growing pressure from the occupy Wall Street protests across the world and demand building for a tax on international financial...
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Glenn Greenwald
About That Iraq Withdrawal
President Obama announced Friday that all U.S. troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year, and this announcement is being seized upon exactly the way you would predict: by the Right to...
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Pierre Tristam
Beyond Qaddafi's Good Riddance
The death of Libya’s Muammar el Qaddafi on Thursday recalls the death of Mussolini in 1945, of Romania’s Ceauşescu in 1989, of Saddam Hussein in 2006, and of course of Osama bin Laden in May . They...
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Eric Margolis
The Gadaffi I Knew
"What's going on, what's happening," a wounded, dazed Muammar Gadaffi reportedly asked just before he was murdered in Sirte, Libya. The “Brother Leader” had once asked me something similar. A year...
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Les Rice
A Song by Les Rice: The Banks are Made of Marble
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Chris Edelson
Herman Cain Accidentally Shines Light On Republican Party’s Abortion Problem
The Republican establishment understandably sees Herman Cain as a problem. Cain has been leading the pack of presidential candidates in some polls, but the former Godfather's Pizza president is also...
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