Views for 2011-10-18

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
John Feffer
The Ungreening of Obama
Barack Obama was green when he entered the Oval Office. He was a relative newcomer to politics. He was also the most successful fundraiser in presidential history, hauling in more green than the two...
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John Nichols
Cheney Family Values: How Liz Cheney is Funding the War on Labor Rights in Ohio
Dick Cheney was once a union man -- after flunking out of Yale, the future vice president worked as an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers lineman in Wyoming -- but now his daughter is...
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David Michael Green
We Are Not Your Human Resources
I was talking with a friend of mine the other day about Occupy Wall Street. She said to me “This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life”. I told her I feel exactly the same way. The only...
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Ed Bruske
Finally Revealed: Processed Food Rebates Dominate School Cafeterias
When I first started writing about the food being served in my daughter’s elementary school cafeteria, I figured there had to be a reason children were being fed Apple Jacks cereal, strawberry milk,...
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Tom Engelhardt
“I Want My Job Back:” Scenes from a Season of Protest
The other day in my Manhattan neighborhood, a woman passed me in the street.
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Rebecca Solnit
Letter to a Dead Man About the Occupation of Hope
Dear young man who died on the fourth day of this turbulent 2011, dear Mohammed Bouazizi, I want to write you about an astonishing year -- with three months yet to run. I want to tell you about the...
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Robert Reich
The Meagerness of the Republican Debates, the Smallness of the President’s Solutions, and the Need for a Progressive Alternative
Republicans are debating again tonight. And once again, Americans will hear the standard regressive litany: government is bad, Medicare and Medicaid should be cut, “Obamacare” is killing the economy...
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Mary Elizabeth King
The Search for a Message
As the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) phenomenon grows, it has been expressing many truths, even while struggling to find a single over-arching message. The search for captions, slogans, and themes that...
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Bill Quigley, Lauren Carasik
Victimized a Second Time: State-Sanctioned Forced Evictions of Haiti’s Displaced Earthquake Survivors
We stood in a tight group, over a dozen blan huddled together, trying not to obstruct the narrow path between the makeshift shelters of corrugated metal, cardboard, plastic and tin. We listened to a...
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George Monbiot
Millionaires and Corporations Are Using Tax Breaks to Help Sway Public Opinion
Since the late 19th century, the very rich have been paying people to demand less government. The work of Herbert Spencer , for example, was sponsored by Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller and...
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Anne Landman
BP's Gulf of Mexico PR, One Year Later
Finger-pointing over the Deepwater Horizon disaster resumed recently after the U.S.
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Sandy LeonVest
How the Corporate Media Learned to Love the OWS Protests
Americans may not be quick-studies in the art of revolution, and yes, it did seem to take forever for unemployed and underemployed US workers, college students and white collar “professionals” to “...
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Jim Hightower
The GOP Loves the Federal Spending it Hates
Whatever else you think about tea-party-infused Republican leaders in Congress, at least they're consistent in their opposition to big government intrusion in the economy, right? Absolutely. Unless...
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