Views for 2011-10-13

Thursday, October 13, 2011
Janine Jackson
Bait-and-Switch Boosterism on Trade Pacts
Corporate media's incredibly uncritical boosterism of so-called "free trade" deals has been remarked on many times, and continues to be remarkable.
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James Turner
New Zealand’s Oil Disaster: Black Swans and Human Errors
A couple of years ago, the writer Nassim Nicholas Taleb invented a new metaphor which describes what he calls low probability, high impact events – the Black Swan. For centuries this creature was not...
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Ken Butigan
Anti-Drone Movement Grows
A friend of mine once called Las Vegas “the Lourdes of America.” People come looking for a miracle, but it’s the casinos that mostly cash in. This doesn’t stop the 36 million pilgrims who travel...
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Michael Winship
Occupy Wall Street Wins Labor’s Love
Early last Friday morning, as the Occupy Wall Street protesters were just uncurling from their sleeping bags, I went downtown for a walkthrough of their campsite at Zuccotti Park, now also known as...
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Jeff Biggers
Occupy Big Coal: Kentuckians to Protest Most Corrupt Member of Congress on Friday
Wall Street and Big Coal corporations have no better friend than Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY), the "prince of pork" and powerful chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.
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Salena Tramel
Haitian Movements Branch Out
Away from the televised and broken streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti hosts some scenic worlds. Down south, there are remnants of cloud forests that fade into blue skies, and in the north cacti twist...
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Nina Power
Occupy Wall Street Protests Are Reclaiming the Psychic Space
A good slogan captures the mood and acutely articulates a situation: " We are the 99% ", "we are the crisis", or simply "no justice, no peace". As Lenin put it : "Every particular slogan must be...
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Barbara Ehrenreich
The Guys in the 1% Brought This On
At the risk of being pedantic, let me point out that “99% versus 1%” is not a class analysis, not in any respectable sociological sense. Shave off the top 1% and you’re still left with some awfully...
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Phil Rockstroh
Punching a Hole in Bubbles of Denial and Addiction: Late Capitalism and Its Discontents of the American Autumn
The global designs of the neo-liberal agenda have met the living architecture of a larger order -- a portion of which has taken the form of a still coalescing, yet potent, countervailing...
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Steve Fraser
The All-American Occupation: A Century of Our Streets Vs. Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street, the ongoing demonstration-cum-sleep-in that began a month ago not far from the New York Stock Exchange and has since spread like wildfire to cities around the country, may be a...
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Tom Engelhardt
Blowback on Wall Street?
Last weekend, in Washington Square Park in downtown Manhattan at a giant mill-in, teach-in, whatever-in-extension of Occupy Wall Street’s camp-out in Zuccotti Park, there was a moment to remember...
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Robert C. Koehler
Building Community, Building Peace
In our techno-saturated society, we have the casual capacity to capture any unfolding event on film — even an act of shocking violence — and send images of the live action around the globe just by...
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