Views for 2011-10-09

Sunday, October 9, 2011
New York Times Editorial
NYT Editorial: Protesters Against Wall Street
As the Occupy Wall Street protests spread from Lower Manhattan to Washington and other cities, the chattering classes keep complaining that the marchers lack a clear message and specific policy...
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Robert Reich
The Wall Street Occupiers and the Democratic Party
Will the Wall Street Occupiers morph into a movement that has as much impact on the Democratic Party as the Tea Party has had on the GOP? Maybe. But there are reasons for doubting it. Tea Partiers...
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David Macaray
Who Can Believe How Far We’ve Fallen?
How many stockbrokers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, or aluminum siding salesmen would turn down a big, fat pay raise if it came with strings attached? What if accepting that raise was contingent...
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Andrew M. Manis
In Memoriam: Fred Shuttlesworth, 1922-2011
Fred Shuttlesworth died this past Wednesday morning. Even if you’ve never heard of him, if you are an American, that news means more to you than you might imagine. Separated by a few years,...
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Caroline Arnold
Losing Hope in Obama and the Prospect of a Humane World
Cleaning up my desk this week I found an Obama ‘08 HOPE button. After a moment’s reflection, I threw it in the trash. Not because Obama lied or betrayed those of us who hope for a more humane world,...
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