Views for 2011-10-04

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Bill McKibben
The Cronyism Behind a Pipeline for Crude
Late last month, the Obama administration unveiled a new tool that lets anyone send a petition to the White House; get 5,000 signatures in 30 days and you’re guaranteed some kind of answer. My...
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Brian Terrell
Justice Obstructed at Bagram As at Guantanamo -- Ten Years Is Too Long
Despite ten years of occupation and untold millions of dollars spent on rebuilding Afghanistan’s broken judicial and criminal justice system, the Afghan courts are “still too weak,” the Washington...
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Stephanie Van Hook
Can We Be the 100 Percent?
Occupy Wall Street has signaled the changing weather of a looming “American Autumn” and consequently galvanized the progressive movement. The 99 percent, as they call themselves for the interests...
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Phil Aroneanu
Why Environmentalists Should Occupy Wall Street
"Go Paul!"
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Anne Landman
Synagro's Shiny New Patina
Synagro Technologies is the latest big corporation trying to ditch a scandal-ridden past by re-branding itself.
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Ezra Klein
Who Are the 99 Percent?
“I did everything I was supposed to and I have nothing to show for it.”
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Betsy Reed
Occupy Wall Street: Why So Many Demands for Demands?
Everybody has a piece of advice for the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. They should put their clothes on. They should stop raising their fists. They should fact-check their handwritten signs. They...
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John Feffer
Why 2012 Will Shake Up Asia and the World
The United States has long styled itself a Pacific power. It established the model of counterinsurgency in the Philippines in 1899 and defeated the Japanese in World War II. It faced down the Chinese...
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Laurie Penny
It's Easy to Mock, but This Is How Real Change Begins
"This isn't just about America," reads one hand-painted sign among the carpet of placards at the Occupy Wall Street protest. "It's about the whole world." The sit-ins and occupations currently...
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Harvey Wasserman
Will a Failed Solar Loan Guarantee Kill New Nukes?
Republicans up in arms about the infamous failed federal $535 million loan guarantee for the Solyndra solar panel producer are finally tasked to apply the same standards to nuclear power. If that...
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Stephanie Salter
Where Have All the Protest Songs Gone?
A telling moment came during the annual Eugene V. Debs award banquet late last month, when the career protest singer and songwriter, Anne Feeney, implored a huge Hulman Center audience to join her...
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Will Bunch
American Spring? Is Occupy Wall Street a Be-In, or a New Movement?
NEW YORK - It was barely more than two years ago that a boyfriend told Joanne Stocker of Exton that there was more to learn about on Twitter than what baseball's beat writers were saying about her...
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Doyle Canning
Can the #Occupy Movement Be a Turning Point?
Presley Obasohan is fighting foreclosure on his home by Bank of America. Mr. Obasohan lives in Dorchester, Mass.—the most diverse neighborhood in Boston—where building values have sunk to half or...
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Richard Wolff
Occupy Wall Street Ends Capitalism's Alibi
Occupy Wall Street has already weathered the usual early storms. The kept media ignored the protest, but that failed to end it. The partisans of inequality mocked it, but that failed to end it. The...
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Michelle Chen
Africa and the International Criminal Court: Is Global Justice Blind?
When several prominent Kenyans appear before the International Criminal Court in the coming days, they’ll be judged by a legal standard that no one, in theory, should be above. But to critics, the...
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V. Noah Gimbel
Troy Davis and al-Awlaki: Two Murders, One Outrage
On Wednesday, September 21, the state of Georgia murdered Troy Anthony Davis by poisoning him to death in front of a small audience. Despite overwhelming doubt about his guilt, his murderers, in the...
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William E. Connolly
Aspirational Fascism
In an earlier post, entitled What Was Fascism? , I responded to a set of right wing pundits who treat social democracy, liberalism and a welfare state as modes of fascism. The logic behind that...
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Chuck Collins
No Tax Holiday for Corporate Job Destroyers
A powerful coalition of U.S.-based global companies is lobbying hard for a "tax holiday" on offshore profits. Companies like Google, Apple, Pfizer, and General Electric have parked huge amounts of...
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