Views for 2011-10-03

Monday, October 3, 2011
Danny Schechter
Occupy Wall Street Has Been Battling the Cops; Now the Free Marketeers Take Their Shot
By its actions, Occupy Wall Street is puncturing myths like these: l. The Myth that direct action against the center of financial power can’t be sustained.
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Ray McGovern
Israel’s Window to Bomb Iran
There are mounting signs that the right-wing Israeli government may think the timing is right for an attack on Iran, with growing alarms inside Israel about alleged Iranian progress on building a...
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Ralph Nader
Putting the Lie to the Republicans
Masters of the repeated lying sound byte, the craven Congressional Republicans are feasting on the health and safety of the American people with gleeful greed while making the corporate and trade...
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Ben Manski
The Protest Wave: Why the Political Class Can’t Understand Our Demands
The protests that began in Wisconsin this year, and which now also fill the streets of Manhattan, Boston, Chicago, and this week, Washington D.C., have gotten the attention of the American political...
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Seth Hanlon, Michael Linden
Ronald Reagan, Father of the ‘Buffett Rule’
We're going to close the unproductive tax loopholes that have allowed some of the truly wealthy to avoid paying their fair share. In theory, some of those loopholes were understandable, but in...
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Ted Rall
America's New Radicals Attack a System That Ignores Them
"Enraged young people," The New York Times worries aloud, are kicking off the dust of phony democracy, in which "the job of a citizen was limited to occasional trips to the polling places to vote"...
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Ben Lilliston
What Does the Occupation of Wall Street Have to Do With Agriculture?
Now two weeks in, the occupation of Wall Street originated from a July call to action by Adbusters to draw a line in the sand on the growing corporate control of our democracy and government—and in...
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Shea Howell
Joy in Education
The failure of the market place view of education should be evident to everyone. In a little publicized announcement the College Board said that SAT scores fell across the nation. The average writing...
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Mardy Townsend
New Rules Will Support Farmers and Jobs
Several lawmakers are proposing a time-out on new regulations to supposedly generate a more job-friendly environment. To some that might sound reasonable given the nation's entrenched unemployment,...
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Mark Ruffalo
We Are the 99 Per Cent
I have spent the last two days at the Occupy Wall Street gathering. It was a beautiful display of peaceful action: so much kindness and gentleness in the camp, so much belief in our world and...
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Peter Van Buren
Chickening Out in Iraq: How Your Tax Dollars Financed “Reconstruction” Madness in the Middle East
Very few people outside the agricultural world know that if the rooster in a flock dies the hens will continue to produce fertile eggs for up to four weeks because “sperm nests,” located in the ovary...
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