Views for 2011-09-26

Monday, September 26, 2011
Wangari Maathai
Spiritual Environmentalism: Healing Ourselves by Replenishing the Earth
YES! Magazine Editor's Note: Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan activist and 2004 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, passed away on September 25.
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Ralph Nader
As the Drone Flies...
The fast developing predator drone technology, officially called unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, is becoming so dominant and so beyond any restraining framework of law or ethics, that its use by...
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Anthony Cody
A Strange Deference to Gates Foundation at Education Nation
Last September, NBC brought us the first Education Nation , programming developed in coordination with the release of the pro-charter school documentary, Waiting For Superman. The network caught flak...
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Robert Reich
Why This is Exactly the Time to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure
Seems like only yesterday conservative nabobs of negativity predicted America’s ballooning budget deficit would generate soaring inflation and crippling costs of additional federal borrowing...
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Jeff Biggers
Coalfield Activists Turn Tables at Mountaintop Removal Hearings
In gut-wrenching testimonies on the devastating economic costs and mounting humanitarian crisis related to reckless mountaintop removal operations, two courageous Appalachian coalfield leaders turned...
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David Sirota
Racism Isn't Responsible for the President's Drop in Popularity -- His Right-Wing Policies Are
A few weeks ago, I wrote an essay that got me a much larger truckload of hate mail than usual. The piece concerned the persistent problem of denialism in parts of White America when it comes to race.
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Glenn Greenwald
What Media Coverage Omits about US Hikers Released by Iran
Two American hikers imprisoned for more than two years by Iran on extremely dubious espionage charges and in highly oppressive conditions, Joshua Fattal and Shane Bauer, were released last week and...
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Hannah McKinnon
Why I Will Be Risking Arrest in Ottawa Today
Today I am going to participate in an event that will likely result in my arrest. I will be joining hundreds of other Canadians in non-violent civil disobedience to protest the Harper government's...
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Joseph Kabiru
Farewell Wangari Maathai, You Were a Global Inspiration – and My Heroine
On Sunday night in London, I received a three word text message from a Kenyan friend: " Wangari Maathai amefariki" ("Wangari Maathai has died"). I slumped in pain. For me, her death brought not only...
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Paul Kingsnorth
This Economic Collapse is a 'Crisis of Bigness'
Living through a collapse is a curious experience. Perhaps the most curious part is that nobody wants to admit it's a collapse. The results of half a century of debt-fuelled "growth" are becoming...
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Chris Hedges
The Tomatoes of Wrath
It is 6 a.m. in the parking lot outside the La Fiesta supermarket in Immokalee, Fla. Rodrigo Ortiz, a 26-year-old farmworker, waits forlornly in the half light for work in the tomato fields. White-...
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Allison Kilkenny
Abysmal Occupy Wall Street Coverage: Rubbernecking At The New York Times
Over the weekend, my inbox exploded with angry messages from people who had just read this New York Times article (though it reads more like an op-ed) about the Occupy Wall Street protest.
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Stergios Skaperdas
Greece Needs to Default on Its Debt and Exit the Eurozone
The demands of the EU, European Central Bank (ECB), IMF troika and the political climate in the northern parts of the eurozone have sent a clear message to the Greek people and the government of...
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Randall Amster
The Arc of the Moral Universe
Let’s face it: things are bad and getting worse every day. Even a casual glance at the daily headlines provides ample reason for dismay, from perpetual warfare and the ravages of climate change to...
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Nathan Schneider
#OccupyWallStreet Bleeds and Leads
A bit after 10 p.m. on Saturday night in occupied Liberty Plaza, there was a celebration around the media tables. Photocopied facsimiles of Sunday’s New York Daily News were being passed around and...
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Jonathan Cook
UN Bid Heralds Death of Palestine’s Old Guard
Amid the enthusiastic applause in New York and the celebrations in Ramallah, it was easy to believe -- if only a for minute -- that, after decades of obstruction by Israel and the United States, a...
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Linh Dinh
Wall Street vs. Everybody
“Wall Street got drunk […] It got drunk and now it’s got a hangover.” —George W. Bush
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Pepe Escobar
The Decline and Fall of Just About Everyone
More than 10 years ago, before 9/11, Goldman Sachs was predicting that the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) would make the world economy’s top ten -- but not until 2040. Skip a decade...
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