Views for 2011-09-24

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Kristen Ess Schurr
The Irvine 11: Islamophobia is Alive and Well
The Irvine 11 verdict has just come in, Friday September 23. All guilty, all charges. Students and organizers say this selective prosecution will not thwart their efforts in future protest. I had the...
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Toronto Star Editorial
Edging Toward Anarchy With Drones
They are a lethal bolt out of the blue, and under U.S. President Barack Obama those bolts are coming with ever greater frequency. Since 9/11, strikes by Predator and Reaper drone aircraft have killed...
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Nicholas Freudenberg
Corporations Undermine UN Effort to Reduce Chronic Diseases
While much of the world’s attention focused on the UN debate about Palestinian statehood this week, the General Assembly took up another issue that garnered less media scrutiny, even though its...
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Christopher Brauchli
Legislative Gifts to Guns
Such as do build their faith upon the holy text of pike and gun. — Samuel Butler, Hudibras
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John Atcheson
Reality? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Reality
Imagine you were handed a map, and on that map, right where the Western Hemisphere was supposed to be, you saw a sharp jagged line and a caption that read, “Here, there be dragons.” Probably, you...
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Robert Naiman
Mahmoud Abbas, the Jackie Robinson of Palestine
On Friday, Mahmoud Abbas - backed by more than 80% of Palestinian public opinion in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem - formally requested full United Nations membership for Palestine.
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Claudia Lefko
Children's Art and Children's Rights
We’ve been here before, confronting this question of children’s art, and why it creates such a stir. I wrote about it in May 2006 when Brandeis University cancelled an exhibit of Palestinian children...
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Dean Baker
China's Chance to Be Our Economic Savior
Can China save the world economy? That is a question that people should be asking as the other potential candidates withdraw from the race. At the moment, the economies of the United States, Europe...
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Robert Fisk
Prayers, Taunts and Weary Resignation in Jerusalem
So there I was, on the Via Dolorosa of course, chatting to a middle-aged guy in a red T-shirt and just a wisp of a beard with a prayer rug under his left arm.
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Jim Horn
Using Federal Power to Resegregate American Schools
Prior to passage of the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) in 1965, a savvy Lyndon Johnson, who knew the South would never willingly desegregate schools, crafted the federal legislation so that...
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