Views for 2011-09-20

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Glenn Greenwald
Jose Padilla, Troy Davis and how American Justice Functions
The story of Jose Padilla , continuing through the events of yesterday, expresses so much of the true nature of the War on Terror and especially America's justice system. In 2002, the American...
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Dave Zirin
Tomorrow, Georgia Murders Troy Davis
It’s with shock that I report that the George Board of Pardons and Paroles on Tuesday denied clemency for Troy Anthony Davis. The 42-year-old Davis is now due to be executed tomorrow, Wednesday...
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Costas Lapavitsas
Greece Must Default and Quit the Euro. The Real Debate is How
Greece is facing an economic and social disaster , the result of its so-called rescue by the "troika" of the EU, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.
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Peter Dreier
Protests? Yes. Riots? No.
On his radio show last week, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned that rising unemployment and poverty in the United States are a ticking time bomb that could explode in a wave of riots.
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Sarah Anderson
Obama Supported Financial Transactions Taxes – Before Summers Nixed It
The hot new book in Washington, Ron Suskind’s Confidence Men , shines a bit of new light on the Obama administration’s lack of support for financial transactions taxes.
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Fighting Poverty Now
Last week the US Census Bureau released new data on poverty in 2010. The damaging impact of the Great Recession and weak labor market is stark: 46.2 million Americans lived below the poverty line—...
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Robert Reich
A Good Fight
So the really big fight — perhaps the defining battle of 2012 — won’t be over Medicare. It won’t even be over Obama’s jobs program. It will be over whether the rich should pay more taxes. The...
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Tom Engelhardt
Scamming Washington: Exclusive Letters from the ScamiLeaks Archives
[ Note to Readers: Who hasn’t received one -- or 100 -- of those “Nigerian” letters offering you, in florid prose, millions of potential dollars and with nary a catch in sight? But who...
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Chuck Collins
A Tax Plan to Rally Around: The Buffett Rule
If you care about the future of the republic, the health of our communities, and the prospects for a transition to a new green economy –the fight over taxation and concentrated wealth is your fight.
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Robert Fisk
Why the Middle East Will Never Be the Same Again
The Palestinians won't get a state this week. But they will prove – if they get enough votes in the General Assembly and if Mahmoud Abbas does not succumb to his characteristic grovelling in the face...
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Richard Wolff
The Truth about 'Class War' in America
Republicans and conservatives always fight back against proposals to raise taxes on corporations and rich individuals by making two basic claims. First, such proposals amount to un-American "class...
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Ted Rall
Democratic Party Needs a Democratic Primary Process
What a comedown! In 2008 Barack Obama ran on hope and change. His reelection bid relies on fear (of Republicans) and stay-the-course (lest said Republicans slash even more Medicare than Obama is...
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Roberto Rodriguez
In Arizona: After 519 years, Indigenous Knowledge on Trial
Justice. That’s a word not normally associated with Arizona. With Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his military tank still on the loose, this will not be changing anytime soon. In Arizona, Arpaio is colorful,...
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Neve Gordon, Yinon Cohen
The One-Sided US Veto
US President Barack Obama's decision to use the US' veto prerogative if the United Nations votes to recognise a Palestinian state will constitute a blow to those seeking peace in the Middle East.
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