Views for 2011-09-09

Friday, September 9, 2011
Michelle Chen
Scant Room for Equity in Obama’s Talking Points on Jobs
President Obama's jobs speech before Congress last night struck an uncomfortable balance between the art of the possible and the sophistry of defeatism.
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Robert Jensen
Imperial Delusions: Ignoring the Lessons of 9/11
Ten years ago, critics of America’s mad rush to war were right, but it didn’t matter. Within hours after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it was clear that political leaders were going to use the attacks...
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Jesse Hagopian
Shock-Doctrine Schooling in Haiti: Neoliberalism Off the Richter Scale
Two Days before the earthquake, my one-year-old son and I accompanied my wife to Haiti for an HIV training course she was to conduct.
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Jon Walker
Obama is Coming to Cut Medicare
I don’t want to be entirely cynical about President Obama’s jobs speech yesterday. Some of the ideas in his proposal, like the money to fix up old schools, are great. He is finally at least putting...
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Earl Ofari Hutchinson
The Troy Davis Case: Will America Execute Another Innocent?
Barring a last minute stay of execution by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles in a last ditch hearing scheduled for September 19, accused Savannah, Ga. cop killer Troy Anthony Davis will be...
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Chris Kromm
Should the Poor Be Allowed to Vote?
Last week, right-wing pundit Matthew Vadum created a stir when he argued that -- as his piece at American Thinker is titled -- " Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American ." Here's how the piece...
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David Sirota
Growing Up: Why Schools Need to Teach 9/11
Ten years ago this week, I, like many living in Washington at the time, was fleeing my office building. In those minutes of mayhem, I knew only what the police were screaming: Get out fast, because...
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Pierre Tristam
Obama’s Job Jig: Pin-Up to GOP Voodoo
If America’s 14 million unemployed had their own state, The Economist tells us this week, they’d form the fifth-largest one in the union, right behind Florida and ahead of Illinois. If you include...
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Katha Pollitt
The Poor: Still Here, Still Poor
What ever happened to poor people? Even on the left, Cornel West and Tavis Smiley’s Poverty Tour was an exception. Mostly, the talk is of the “middle class”—its stagnant wages, foreclosed houses,...
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Janine Jackson
Major Media: Whistling Past the Wreckage of Civil Liberties
When the USA Patriot Act* was rushed into law after the September 11 attacks, the erosion of civil liberties the Act represented—the broad powers it gave law enforcement to spy on people, and the...
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Frida Berrigan
A Pie for Peace: Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 Chance to Reflect, Bake, Resist
September 11, 2001 was my friend Diana’s 30th birthday. I planned on meeting her at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station after work. Instead I walked across the Manhattan Bridge in a cloud of ash...
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Wendy Mink
The Payroll Tax Holiday: Talk about a Ponzi Scheme!
Is President Obama trying to kill Social Security without explicitly saying so? He put Social Security "on the table" for consideration by his Deficit Commission -- even though Social Security has...
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Tom Hayden
White House vs. Military Over the Iraq Endgame
Rumors are rife that the United States will leave 3,000–4,000 troops behind in Iraq after the current December 31 deadline for total withdrawal, mainly as trainers for the Iraqi army. That would mean...
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Mary Bottari
Wisconsin Worker Fired for Email on Free Voter IDs
A Wisconsin worker was fired Thursday for reminding fellow workers that photo IDs required for voting are free under Wisconsin law.
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Shahid Mahmood
This Is NOT September 11th
The “ Treachery of Images ” (1929) is a painting by the Belgian artist René Magritte. The painting shows a pipe. Below it, in fine cursive script, the famous caption reads: " Ceci n'est pas une pipe...
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Matthew Rothschild
Obama’s Speech Inspiring and Annoying
Whenever Barack Obama gets around to making an affirmative case for government action, he is at his most inspiring. So it was on Thursday night. He talked about this nation being made up not just of...
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John Nichols
Obama's Speech Delivered, But Can He Fight?
Barack Obama delivered a credible if uninspired jobs speech Thursday night. He communicated that the United States cannot meet the challenges of an unemployment crisis with an austerity agenda that...
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