Views for 2011-09-08

Thursday, September 8, 2011
Joseph Stiglitz
How to Put America Back to Work
The country is — or should be — focused on jobs. Some 25 million Americans who want a full-time job can’t get one. The youth unemployment rate is as much as twice that of the already unacceptable...
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Glenn Greenwald
Cheering for State-Imposed Death
At last night's GOP debate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry was asked by Brian Williams about the 234 executions of death row inmates over which Perry has presided -- "more than any Governor in modern times...
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Ben Adler
Nonsensical Argument About Job Creation Dominates GOP Debate
There was a lot of agreement in Wednesday evening’s Republican debate hosted by MSNBC and Politico at the Reagan Presidential Library: Ronald Reagan is awesome and would have agreed with everything...
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David Korten
The Path to Real Prosperity
Like most white middle class Americans of my generation, I grew up believing that our strong market economy and democratic political institutions make us the world's greatest and most prosperous...
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Abby Rapoport
Education Inc.: How Private Companies Profit from Public Schools
It's not hard to imagine Pearson’s vision of utopia.
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John Buell
The Folly of Pocket Book Politics
A conservative friend of mine likes to say that he votes his pocket book. The push to cut taxes, roll back environmental regulations, eradicate unions, and reduce the size and scope of the safety net...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Who Will the Super Committee Fight For?
While President Obama’s highly anticipated jobs speech seems to be all political junkies are paying attention to today (that is, if you’re not a football junkie), attention must also be paid to the...
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Soumaya Ghannoushi
Libya Now Set To Be Scene of Multiple Battles
After six months of defiant resistance, fiery speeches, chilling threats and blood-curdling brutality, Gaddafi has finally fallen on his sword . His collapse, however, is far from the end of the...
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Nada Alwadi
Bahrain’s Movement Alive Regardless of Media Neglect
He runs impulsively and courageously, carrying his country’s flag as if he were carrying his own dream. He looks young, athletic, and fearless. He jumps over a bridge’s fence and runs to the place...
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Robert Naiman
Jobs Plan? End the Wars, Save 400,000 Jobs
President Obama is preparing to deliver a major address to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, outlining his plans for spending and tax cuts to create jobs.
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Brian Tierney
The Fight for Jobs and Justice, Then and Now
It’s not everyday that the president of the United States talks about the last fight that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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Tom Engelhardt
Let’s Cancel 9/11: Bury the War State's Blank Check at Sea
Let’s bag it.
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Peter Rothberg
Tell President Obama: Jobs, Not Cuts
This Thursday, September 8th, President Obama will give a speech laying out his plan to combat stagnant job growth and create new economic opportunities for millions of hurting Americans. He is also...
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Robert C. Koehler
Captives to the Logic of Violence
A decade later. The abyss keeps deepening, the wars keep squandering our blood and treasure beyond all logic except the logic of violence. What ended on Sept. 11, 2001, it sometimes seems, was human...
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