Views for 2011-08-28

Sunday, August 28, 2011
Spencer Mandel
Let Them Eat Baklava: Food Prices and the Arab Spring
Did food prices cause the Arab Spring? Will food and water be at the core of future protests against fundamental inequities in the world?
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Barbara Ellen
Sorry, Richard Branson – We Didn't Care About Your Blaze
Did anyone feel for Richard Branson and his Necker Island inferno – sympathy, empathy, anything? If not, why not? The story had all the compelling ingredients. Lightning striking the £60m private...
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Simon Balto
Hurricane Katrina, Martin Luther King, and the Violence of US Racial History
Had Hurricane Irene not intervened on events in Washington, this weekend would have seen an expected quarter of a million people on hand in D.C. to witness the official dedication of the memorial in...
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Paul Vallely
There is No Moral Case for Tax Havens
There is a building in the Cayman Islands that is home to 12,000 corporations. It must be a very big building. Or a very big tax scam. Tax havens are in the spotlight since the Chancellor, George...
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Michelle Chen
Migrants in Limbo as Libyan Revolution Reaches Endgame
As the Libyan uprising reaches its climax , gun battles flare, bodies pile up in hospitals, and the capital is paralyzed in fear. And somewhere in the revolutionary endgame, outsiders who have no...
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Ted Rall
9/11: Ten Years Later, Americans Still Stupid and Vulnerable
They say everything changed on 9/11. No one can dispute that. But we didn't learn anything. Like other events that forced Americans to reassess their national priorities (the Great Depression, Pearl...
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