Views for 2011-08-24

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Robin Lindley
Bill Moyers and Robin Lindley: Continuing the Conversation—The Renowned Journalist on His New Book, His Career, His Brushes with History, and Where We Stand Now
Bill Moyers has been my North Star, in his eloquence, his quiet passion and courage, and in the way he presents me and millions of others with the ideals of our nation, from our past to our present...
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Sally Kohn
Profit on Wall Street, Recession on Main Street
In the past few weeks alone, Bank of America , Goldman Sachs , Cisco Systems and Borders have all announced massive layoffs.
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Jared A. Ball
The Dr. King Memorial and The Burial of a Movement
Dr. King and the liberation movement he represents will again suffer a brutal blow this week when all are permanently entombed under the violent euphemism of “memorial.” The dedication of this $120...
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Mike Tidwell, Cindy Parker
Going to Jail for the Environment
As you read this, two starkly different visions of Maryland's energy future are clashing on a sidewalk outside the White House. One vision embraces the idea of developing clean-energy wind farms off...
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Zoe Weil
Teaching: The Greatest Responsibility and Opportunity
In 1987 I taught several week-long humane education courses to twelve-year-olds in a summer program offered at the University of Pennsylvania. I’ve spoken about the experience of watching those kids...
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Andrew Korfhage
Thrifty, Green Homeowners May Get a Boost
While it might seem rare these days for Republicans and Democrats to work together on anything, two Republican members of the House of Representatives recently joined with one of their colleagues in...
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Phil Radford
Koch Industries Lobbying Puts Over 4 Million Americans in Danger
Recent Greenpeace analysis of lobbying disclosure records reveals that since 2005, Koch Industries has hired more lobbyists than Dow and Dupont to fight legislation that could protect over 100...
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Amy Goodman
D.C. Protests That Make Big Oil Quake
The White House was rocked Tuesday, not only by a 5.9-magnitude earthquake, but by the protests mounting outside its gates. More than 2,100 people say they’ll risk arrest there during the next two...
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Ted Rall
American Dogs Count More Than Afghan People
New York Times war correspondent Dexter Filkins couldn't help liking the young American soldiers with whom he was embedded in U.S.-occupied Iraq. Recognizing that, Filkins tried to maintain some...
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Bill Quigley
Wave of Illegal, Senseless and Violent Evictions Swells in Port au Prince
Mathias O is 34 years old. He is one of about 600,000 people still homeless from the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. He lives with his wife and her 2 year old under a homemade shelter made out of...
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John Feffer
Governments Kill
We make a bargain with our governments. We pay taxes and expect a set of government services in return. And in return for a guarantee of some measure of security, we grant the government a monopoly...
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Robert Scheer
Amnesty for the Indefensible
They will get away with it, at least in this life. “They” are the Wall Street usurers, people of a sort condemned in Scripture, who have brought more misery to this nation than we have known since...
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