Views for 2011-08-16

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Kristina Kallas, Akila Radhakrishnan
Why Is the U.S. Waging War on Women Raped in War?
Mandatory sonograms , forced lectures by doctors, humiliating permission slips from abusive husbands, paternalistic opinions from Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, uneducated and patently stupid...
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Jeff Biggers
Profile in Courage: On Frontlines of Arizona Crisis, Mexican American Studies Director Sean Arce Teaches Nation an Enduring Lesson
As Tucson Unified School District students returned to the classroom yesterday, the towering role of one education innovator is being championed by a broad spectrum of local students, parents,...
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Naomi Klein
Daylight Robbery, Meet Nighttime Robbery
I keep hearing comparisons between the London riots and riots in other European cities—window smashing in Athens, or car bonfires in Paris. And there are parallels, to be sure: a spark set by police...
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Thomas S. Harrington
Ballots and Democracy: Big Media Is Just Not That Into It
Last Saturday, we witnessed what has been regularly touted as one of the first big events of the 2012 campaign for the White House: the Iowa Straw Poll. The results of the poll were the following:...
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Medea Benjamin, Charles Davis
Iraq Withdrawal? Don’t Take It to the Bank
Since coming to Washington, Barack Obama has won a Nobel Prize for Peace, but he hasn't been much of a peacemaker. Instead, he has doubled down on his predecessor's wars while launching blatantly...
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Chuck Collins, Alison Goldberg
Warren Buffett’s Call: A Tax Policy for the Common Good
Warren Buffett is calling. We need more wealthy folks to speak up for the common good.
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John Nichols
FDR Went to Wisconsin to Battle 'Economic Royalists,' But Obama Avoids the State and the Fight
President Obama is interrupting his long vacation to bus across the battleground states of the Midwest this week , on an officially “non-political” journey that his aides obviously hope will renew a...
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Gary Houser
Tar Sands a Turning Point to Save Life?
After the ice is gone, would Earth proceed to the Venus syndrome, a runaway greenhouse effect that would destroy all life on the planet, perhaps permanently? .... I’ve come to conclude that if we...
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Michael Nagler, Stephanie Van Hook
Why Racism Doesn’t Die
This country is famous for one of the most organized and inspiring nonviolent movements in modern history. It unfolded sixty years ago in the aftermath of the Holocaust in Europe and focused on the...
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Amanda Hitt
Truckers Play a Key Food Safety Role
Food safety is running afoul in Springdale — in more ways than one. First, meat and grain agribusiness giant Cargill Inc. recalled 36 million pounds of ground turkey linked to a salmonella outbreak...
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Chris Hellman
How Safe Are You? What Almost $8 Trillion in National Security Spending Bought You
The killing of Osama Bin Laden did not put cuts in national security spending on the table, but the debt-ceiling debate finally did. And mild as those projected cuts might have been, last week newly...
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