Views for 2011-08-14

Sunday, August 14, 2011
Paul Harris
Matt Damon for President? In US Politics, They Have Seen Crazier Scripts
NEW YORK -- Even in the increasingly wild world of American politics, it seemed an especially crazy idea: Matt Damon for president? After all, the handsome actor, whose boyish good looks belie the...
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Michelle Chen
Famine Devastates Somalia in the Shadow of US Domination
The famine in Somalia is a human tragedy on an unimaginable scale. But the loss of life depicted in the news reports masks other losses: there is the loss of shame—by the warring factions whose...
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial
If US is Serious About Debt, There's a Single-Payer Solution
If America truly is serious about dealing with its deficit problems, there's a fairly simple solution. But you're probably not going to like it: Enact a single-payer health care plan. See, we told...
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John Rehill
The London Riots: Put on Your Seatbelt Main Street
Dateline London: Over 1,200 arrested; 16,000 police, and the violence just moves to other towns. Children as young as 9 years old are being arrested by police. Prime Minister David Cameron says, "If...
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Brigid Delaney
Hallelujah! We are Busting Out of Our Cocoons
Dare we finally say good riddance to the Age of Atomization? AS FAR as trends go, this one was benignly vile. Cocooning - coined in the late 1980s, coming of age in the '90s and sticking around in...
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Caroline Arnold
Silver Oaks and the Power of Predatory Capitalism
Last month eviction notices to residents of Silver Oaks Place on the east side of Kent destroyed, in one swift blow, a 30-year old community of 250 senior citizens in their late 50s to early 90s...
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Michael Winship
Big Business Has Been Very Very Good to Mitt Romney
As the noted philosopher and rock and roll irritant David Lee Roth once said, "Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it."
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