Views for 2011-08-10

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Jane Hamsher
"Super Congress" Designed for One Purpose
1. There are no good choices for this commission. It is designed to protect members of Congress from the electoral repercussions of cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits, something that 82%...
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Joe Uehlein
Joining the Labor Movement and the Sustainabilty Movement: Together We Can Stop the Tar Sands Climate Catastrophe
Sometimes a decision forces you to think deeply about what you believe in and how you act on those beliefs. It was like that when the climate protection leader Bill McKibben asked me to sign a letter...
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Robert Greenwald
WI: The Kochs, Colbert and $ in Politics
Much of the nation watched last night with breath held, waiting to see the recall results in Wisconsin. In the end, two WI Senate Republicans were replaced with Democrats, falling short of the three...
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Donna Smith
Financially Motivated Murder-Suicides Trumpet Silent Suffering
Twice in the past week, those of us who live in the metro Washington, D.C.
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Peter Hart
Bill O'Reilly and the Imaginary Bush Tax Cut Windfall
Fox host Bill O'Reilly laughs off any calls for increasing government spending to help create jobs. Last week he derided Paul Krugman for demanding more stimulus spending. And this guy teaches...
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Nina Power
There Is a Context to London's Riots that Can't Be Ignored
Since the coalition came to power just over a year ago, the country has seen multiple student protests, occupations of dozens of universities, several strikes, a half-a-million-strong trade union...
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Tony Norman
Afghan Casualties Remind of War's Waste
Besides stupidity and arrogance, the root cause of every modern war boils down to a failure of empathy. Afghanistan and Iraq are the poster children of pointless, fear-based wars in this era. It just...
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Pennie Quinton
Running Through Riotous London
Yesterday, the streets of London were full of the rage of youth. When I went out to photograph events, the situation was scary and volatile - but I met children who looked out for me, covering my...
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Thom Hartmann
Democracy Died First in Wisconsin – Long Live the Oligarchs
The Wisconsin recall election was the first major test of the new era in American politics. That new era began in January of 2010 when the US Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC that the...
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Michael Nagler
Economic Crisis or Nonviolent Opportunity? Gandhi’s Answer to Financial Collapse
On Monday the Dow Jones industrial average fell 634.76 points; the sixth-worst point decline for the Dow in the last 112 years and the worst drop since December 2008. Every stock in the S&P 500...
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Amy Goodman
From Kilotons to Millisieverts: Japan’s Nuclear Legacy
In recent weeks, radiation levels have spiked at the Fukushima nuclear power reactors in Japan, with recorded levels of 10,000 millisieverts per hour (mSv/hr) at one spot. This is the number reported...
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Shayda Naficy
Watching Out for Our Water
Water is at risk in the United States and around the world. Its quality and availability is in peril. Today, nearly one in eight people lack access to adequate supplies of safe drinking water...
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Robert Scheer
Another Bailout Joins the Goofball Economy
The whole thing is nuts. The economy is a shambles, saved from a free fall only by the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented promise of free money for banks for at least two years. That’s how long a seven-...
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Marjorie Cohn
Compensate Victims of U.S. Chemical Warfare in Vietnam
Today marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the chemical warfare program in Vietnam without sufficient remedial action by the U.S. government. One of the most shameful legacies of the Vietnam...
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