Views for 2011-08-08

Monday, August 8, 2011
Wendell Potter
To Save Billions, the Government Should Pay Doctors to Make House Calls
Dr. Bruce Kinosian still makes house calls, and he’s proud of it. In fact, he introduces himself as a physician who goes to see his patients in their homes rather than insisting that they come to see...
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Ralph Nader
Congressional Tea Party Downgrade of America
The Boston Tea Party in December 1773 threw the East India Company’s tea overboard. The Republican Tea Party in August 2011 threw America overboard.
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Donna Smith
Making Ourselves Sick with Their Worry? Not Anymore
For some time now, my disabled and retired machinist husband has watched with amusement when stock markets crash and rebound and broad financial indicators stutter and stammer. He has lived a...
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Joseph Stiglitz
More Stimulus for US, Less Austerity
THE Great Recession of 2008 has morphed into the North Atlantic Recession: it is mainly Europe and the US, not the major emerging markets, that have become mired in slow growth and high unemployment...
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Fatima Al-zeheri
The Ongoing Costs of the Iraq War
When you destroy someone’s property, you usually have to pay compensation. The United States is responsible for much of the destruction that has taken place in Iraq since the 2003 invasion. But...
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James K. Galbraith
The Bad Deal
Political news travels slowly, and in my casual observation progressive Europeans have held on to the myth of Barack Obama as a good man much longer than most progressive Americans did. How could a...
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Michael Lewis
What Can We Do About The Great American Lie?
I. F. Stone told us many years ago that All Governments Lie. Daniel Ellsberg, in Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers, told us why governments, including Presidents, always lie, and...
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Jean Altomare
'This Is What Love Looks Like': Why I'm Going to DC to Stop Dirty Oil
I decided to join the action against the tar sands after realizing that my friends weren’t. I found out about this action through Facebook, or maybe email, but eventually it was surrounding me on the...
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Ray McGovern
They Died in Vain; Deal With It
Many of those preaching at American church services Sunday extolled as “heroes” the 30 American and 8 Afghan troops killed Saturday west of Kabul, when a helicopter on a night mission crashed,...
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Robert Jensen
Nature Bats Last: Notes on Revolution and Resistance, Revelation and Redemption
[An edited version of this talk was presented to the Veterans for Peace conference in Portland, OR, on August 4, 2011.]
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Jim Hightower
America's Real Job Creators Are Broke
As narrators used to say in Western movies: "Meanwhile, back at the ranch..." Our policymakers in Washington have totally lost sight of what's happening at the ranch. John Boehner's GOP-controlled...
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