Views for 2011-07-29

Friday, July 29, 2011
Tarak Barkawi
Neoliberalism, Not Multiculturalism Is Biggest Threat to Western Values
The paranoid style in politics often imagines unlikely alliances that coalesce into an overwhelming threat that must be countered by all necessary means.
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Richard Wolff
Recovery for Wall Street and Wealthy, Austerity for Workers and Poor
The so-called economic "recovery" since mid-2009 was chiefly hype, a veneer of good news to disguise and minimise the awful underlying economic realities. The few (large corporations and the rich)...
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Jane Hamsher
Is Standard and Poor’s Manipulating US Debt Rating to Escape Liability for the Mortgage Crisis?
The Politico headline says it all: U.S. credit downgrade worries Obama, Congress more than default It’s not the default that strikes the most fear in the White House and Congress these days. It’s the...
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Jeff Biggers
For Judy Bonds: Historic Tree-Sit on Coal River Mountain Enters 10th Day
Appalachian leader Judy Bonds would have turned 59-years-old on August 27th.
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Bob Keefe
With Media, Americans Focused on Debt Drama, Congress Attacks Environment
It’s tough getting any news out of Washington these days that doesn’t involve the debt ceiling. Understandably, the political firestorm that has led our country to the brink of financial default has...
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Paul Mutter
US Arms Sales to Repressive Regimes Overlooked in Domestic Gun Control Debate
Arms control is an oxymoron in the U.S. Recognizing this, successive governments have managed to pursue foreign policies that export billions of dollars in weapons abroad while also debating fiercely...
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Lee Saunders
Undermining the Right to Vote
There is no right more precious in our nation than the right of citizens to cast a ballot on Election Day. That is why generations of Americans have sacrificed and even died in efforts to expand the...
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David Dayen
America Unmoored – Elite Failure Leads to Utter Confusion
I’m not a big Charlie Cook fan, and I think he’s deeply confused about economics in this post. But I feel like he definitely gets it right about the era we’re heading into.
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Thomas Geoghegan
Use Article I to Address Debt Ceiling
The tea party has a secret: It wants to raise your taxes . The plan is to get the government to default. Thanks to the meltdown, we now have a fiscal or federal government debt equal to the annual U...
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Linh Dinh
Ubasuteyama, USA: Abandoning the Old to Die
Modern industrial civilization weakens the family, which is not necessarily bad, since it allows children to escape tyrannical parents. In such a society, the home is not so much a socializing haven...
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William Greider
Obama's Bad Bargain
The most distressing outcome of the deficit hysteria gripping Washington may be what Barack Obama has revealed about himself. It was disconcerting to watch the president slip-slide so easily into...
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Russell Mokhiber
Corporate Crime, Russia, Peter Orszag and Getting Away with Murder
Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner were at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. yesterday for a discussion about their book – Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption...
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Michael Winship
When the Super-Rich Cry, "Class Warfare!"
I ran into my friend Jeff Madrick a few weeks ago.
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Christopher Cooper
I Counseled All My Clients To Plead Insanity
I complain. Not endlessly, not I hope, bitterly or boringly. Not without wit and often spontaneous alliteration and sometimes startling and unbidden rhyme. But I do complain (or share or vent or...
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Harvey Wasserman
Don't Nuke the Budget!
America's budget crisis has the world economy at the brink. Social Security, Medicare, aid for needy children, environmental protection and much more are being chopped. Yet Congress and the White...
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George Lakoff, Glenn Smith
Why Democracy Is Public: The American Dream Beats the Nightmare
Democracy, in the American tradition, has been defined by a simple morality: We Americans care about our fellow citizens, we act on that care and build trust, and we do our best not just for...
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