Views for 2011-07-20

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Greg Sargent
Dear House GOP Member: Raise the Debt Ceiling. Love, Ronald Reagan
Dana Milbank had a provocative column this morning arguing that on the debt ceiling, Dems have become the new party of Ronald Reagan, and that Republicans only honor their alleged hero Reagan in the...
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Ted Rall
GOP Strategy Wrecks Economy and Obama in One Fell Swoop
Ross Douthat, the conservative columnist who elevates bland to middle-brow art for The New York Times , thinks Republicans have overreached in their showdown with Obama over the debt ceiling. “[The...
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Glenn Greenwald
New Study Proves Falsity of John Brennan's Drone Claims
In late June, President Obama's chief Terrorism adviser, John Brennan, made an extraordinary claim about drone attacks in Pakistan: "in the last year, 'there hasn't been a single collateral death...
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Jeff Biggers
As Education and Health Care Falter, Arizona Builds a $50 Million Fence
Arizona’s cash-strapped Tea Party-led legislature is not launching a campaign for the state’s failing schools today–despite cutting $450 million in the education budget.
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Robert Engelman
What a Population of 7 Billion People Means for the Planet
Demographers aren't known for their sense of humor, but the ones who work for the United Nations recently announced that the world's human population will hit 7 billion on Halloween this year. Since...
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Dr Irfan Zafar
The Fallout: US Drones in Pakistan Reep Only Hate, War
United States has been conducting covert operations to target and kill Al-Qaeda and Taliban commanders hiding in the volatile northwest province of Pakistan since 2004. Much of the reaction against...
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Jonathan Cook
Israel’s War on Nonviolent Protest
It was a Palestinian legislator who made the most telling comment to the Israeli parliament last week as it passed the boycott law, which outlaws calls to boycott Israel or its settlements in the...
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Jay Rosen
Phone Hacking Crisis Shows News Corp is No Ordinary News Company
Watching the phone hacking crisis crack wide open over the last few weeks has left me puzzled about its ultimate causes: what is it about News Corp that has produced these events?
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Ruth Conniff
Republicans' 'Naked Power Grab' in Wisconsin
Senator Chris Larson of Milwaukee summed up the Republicans' rush to pass their redistricting maps in Wisconsin during a special session on Tuesday, July 19: "This is a straight-up power grab," he...
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Robert Scheer
Sorry Elizabeth, Wall Street Said No
So much for the meritocracy. Despite an elite education, effusive charm and brilliant wit, Barack Obama, like Bill Clinton before him, has ended up betraying his humble origins by abjectly serving...
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Amy Goodman
Rupert Murdoch Doesn’t Eat Humble Pie
“People say that Australia has given two people to the world,” Julian Assange told me in London recently, “Rupert Murdoch and me.” Assange, the founder of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, was...
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Brooke Jarvis
The Cyclists Who Beat an Airplane: A Tale of Carmaggedon
Over the weekend, Los Angeles—perhaps America’s most famously car-choked city—briefly became a modern transportation morality play.
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Gwynne Dyer
The Murdoch Empire at Bay
Panic makes people stupid. It would be very stupid, for example, for the former editor of a British national newspaper, facing probable criminal charges for bribing policemen and illegally accessing...
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John Nichols
Bernie Sanders on'Gang of Six' Plan: 'Not So Fast'
With a blessing from President Obama and support even from some deficit-hawk Republicans, momentum is building for the ten-year deficit reduction plan announced Tuesday by the “Gang of Six”...
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Jonnie Marbles
Why I Foam-Pied Rupert Murdoch
First things first: I don't hate octogenarians. I don't have a vendetta against anyone over 80 who likes to begrudgingly give evidence to parliamentary committees. Nor am I in the habit of attacking...
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Peter Weiss
Justice Dept. Gives Torture a Pass
The Romans had an expression for it: " Nulla poena sine lege ," no punishment without a law. But people sometimes forget that the opposite is also true: Without punishment for offenders, a law itself...
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Jim Hightower
Prison Labor: A Right-wing Jobs Program for America
Here's the core economic problem we're facing today: Unemployment and underemployment are rampant and entrenched throughout America, stifling any hope for real recovery and threatening the very...
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Carl Gibson
ALEC: Democracy's Arch-Nemesis
In 1816, Thomas Jefferson wrote to George Logan, "“I hope we shall crush… in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of...
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Sam Pizzigati
Deconstructing the “Federal Debt Crisis”
Once upon a time in America, back a century ago, our nation's rich paid virtually nothing in taxes to the federal government. And that same federal government did virtually nothing to better the...
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