Views for 2011-07-18

Monday, July 18, 2011
Jane Hamsher
Over 2000 People Will Say No Cuts to Social Security or Medicare Benefits at Congressional Offices Across the Country. Will You?
The threats to Social Security and Medicare benefits right now are very real. And anyone who says “wait until we know more” is trying to keep you inactive while you’re fattened up for the slaughter...
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Glenn Greenwald
The War on Terror, Now Starring Yemen and Somalia
There is a concerted campaign underway to ensure that the War on Terror bonanza continues unimpeded in the wake of Osama bin Laden's death, and even despite Leon Panetta's acknowledgment that Al...
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Ralph Nader
The Corporate Supreme Court
Five Supreme Court Justices--Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito and Kennedy are entrenching, in a whirlwind of judicial dictates, judicial legislating and sheer ideological judgments, a mega-corporate...
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Mary Tedrow
Marching to Save Our Schools
I was born and raised in Washington, DC before the miracle of air-conditioning. I know well that July is a beast in that city. Yet I will return to Washington, DC on July 30 to participate in the...
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Gary Younge
As the US Nears the Brink, The Budget Row is Exposing GOP Madness
Back in 2004 I met a pleasant Republican called Burton Kephart , who had lost his son in Iraq and wanted to save my soul.
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Joseph Dwyer
Sitting Atop Trillions: What Would Business Do with Another Tax Break?
Conservatives routinely declare that businesses can’t hire anyone because tax burdens are too high (or "uncertain"—the bête noir of the day) and the way to create jobs is to give business more money.
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Robert Kuttner
The End Game: Saving Obama From Himself
As the debt doomsday of August 2 draws closer, what sort of end-game can we imagine?
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Janet Redman
Connecting Extreme Weather Dots Across the Map
I took a cross-country road trip in late June that became a race to outrun the triple-digit heat waves that have literally buckled highways between the Midwest and the East Coast. The record-breaking...
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Elizabeth Warren
Enemies Await Consumer Financial Protection
This is a big week for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Today, the President will announce his intent to nominate Richard Cordray to serve as the first Director of the Consumer...
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Lisa Frack
Eating Less, Better Meat: Yes We Can
I’m a vegetarian. But my husband’s not. And, go figure, my kids aren’t either. Which is exactly why I care about the meat I buy. Yes, I buy meat. I’d rather not, but if it’s coming into the house–and...
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Brendan Fischer
ALEC, For-Profit Criminal Justice, and Wisconsin
As the first half of 2011 has revealed, Wisconsin is not a moderate “purple” state, but a state divided between staunchly “blue” progressives and righteous “red” right-wingers. That rift is...
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Robert Reich
The Dangerous Hi-Jinks of the GOP’s Juveniles
I’ve spent enough of my life in Washington to take its theatrics with as much seriousness as a Seinfeld episode. A large portion of what passes for policy debate isn’t at all — it’s play-acting for...
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Susan Feiner
What Deficit Hawks Don't Know Will Hurt Us All
Listen up, sisters! Deficit hawks will eat your lunch, your kids, your jobs and your retirement. An economy without a deficit is like a fish without water. Reducing the U.S. federal deficit will make...
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Stephan Salisbury
How Muslim-Bashing Loses Elections
During the 2010 midterm election campaign, virtually every hard-charging candidate on the far right took a moment to trash a Muslim, a mosque, or Islamic pieties. In the wake of those elections, with...
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Chris Hedges
America's Disappeared
Dr. Silvia Quintela was “disappeared” by the death squads in Argentina in 1977 when she was four months pregnant with her first child. She reportedly was kept alive at a military base until she gave...
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John Nichols
Elizabeth Warren for US Senate
President Obama was never going to appoint Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that the Harvard professor conceptualized and created. Wall Street speculators, big...
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