Views for 2011-07-08

Friday, July 8, 2011
Cindy Corrie
US Collusion in the Gaza Blockade is an Affront to Human Rights
When Greek authorities prevented the US ship the Audacity of Hope leaving its port in Athens this week, they dealt a blow to a group of brave and principled Americans who were trying to carry...
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Adil E. Shamoo, Bonnie Bricker
US Needs to Completely Quit Iraq
With U.S. casualties mounting again in Iraq, the Obama administration should not go back on its commitment to pull out. June saw 15 U.S. soldiers die in Iraq, the most in three years.
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Christine Ahn, Gwyn Kirk
Agent Orange in Korea
In May, three former U.S. soldiers admitted to dumping hundreds of barrels of chemical substances, including Agent Orange, at Camp Carroll in South Korea in 1978. This explosive news was a harsh...
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David Sirota
If Obama Cuts Social Security...
Wednesday night, the Washington Post reported that on top of the big cuts to Medicare he's already proposed, President Obama is now considering endorsing cuts to Social Security.
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Matias Ramos
Fukushima Aftermath: New U.S. Senate Proposal For Spent Fuel Storage
The effects of radiation released from the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant continue to be felt, as the U.S. Congress is readying proposals to deal with the storage of spent nuclear fuel in this side...
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Michelle Chen
The Globe’s Not Only Getting Hotter. It’s More Unjust and Unstable, Too
Over the next few decades, tens of millions of people will be driven from their homes. Braving violence and poverty, they’ll roam desperately across continents and borders in search of work and...
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Marjorie Cohn
Avoiding Impunity: The Need to Broaden Torture Prosecutions
President Barack Obama declared "nobody's above the law" in 2009, as Congress contemplated an investigation of torture authorized by the Bush administration. However, Obama has failed to honor those...
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Robert Naiman
He Gets It, But He Still Doesn't Get It: Reading Ethan Bronner in Athens
If you share in the project of reforming U.S. foreign policy so that it reflects the values and interests of the majority of Americans, then you care about the New York Times . Because of its role in...
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Brent Budowsky
Cut the Crap and Create Jobs
I have recently written a series of columns about jobs with titles such as "An angry dissent," and today's disastrous numbers are a political game changer. All incumbents of both parties are...
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John Nichols
With Rupert Murdoch's Empire in Crisis, What of Fox and His American Project?
Rupert Murdoch’s global media monolith—which includes key players in America’s right-wing media echo chamber, Fox News channel, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal —is in meltdown.
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Jane Hamsher
Breaking Point: Obama and the Death of the Democratic Party
According to both the Washington Post and the New York Times , Obama is proposing cuts to Social Security in exchange for GOP support for tax hikes. Lori Montgomery in the Post :
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Roger Bybee
Where's the Revolt? Obama’s Dangerous Cure for the Federal Deficit
As of this moment, it appears that President Obama's debt-ceiling proposal—raising it in excange for budget cuts that are six times as large as new revenue raised—will effectively define his...
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Ray McGovern
Gaza and a Liturgy for Justice
We passengers on the U.S. Boat to Gaza represent a cross-section of America. Yet, if there is an emblematic trait that sets us apart from “mainstream” America, it is a common, radical determination...
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Carl Gibson
Tax the Rich. Problem Solved
What if there was a group of terrorists holding your family hostage with a gun pointed at themselves, demanding the account number to your pension fund? Would you negotiate with the terrorists by...
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Kathy Kelly
Gaza Flotilla is Stifled, But Not Spirit of Resistance
It looked like a scene from an opera. Massed in the doorway and second floor balconies of a quaint building in Athens, facing a magnificent view of the Parthenon, Spanish activists hung banners and...
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