Views for 2011-07-01

Friday, July 1, 2011
Joseph Dana
The Battle Over the Gaza Flotilla
ATHENS - On Thursday, the passengers of the Audacity of Hope, the US boat in the “Freedom Flotilla 2” to Gaza—a convoy of ten boats, two cargo ships and some 300 civilians—emerged from their hotel on...
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Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
Movement to Abolish Corporate Personhood Gaining Traction
In the year and a half since the Citizens United decision, Americans from all walks of life have become concerned about corporate dominance of our government and our society as a whole. In Citizens...
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Subhankar Banerjee
Las Conchas Fire Woke Us Up—Let Us Now Stop The Plutonium Bomb Factory
The Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico is still burning. It is rapidly growing by the day. On June 29, I did a phone interview with Jay Coghlan, executive director of Nuclear Watch New Mexico and his...
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Jenn Ettinger
So Who Really Stands to Benefit from AT&T’s T-Mobile Takeover?
Last week, a group of 76 Democrats made a small splash inside the Beltway after they signed a letter touting the alleged benefits of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger for rural communities and workers...
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Mark Weisbrot
Non-Violent Protest Works – That's Why "The Audacity Of Hope" Is Being Held Up in Greece
One of the most important foreign policy statements of the year came from Ehud Barak, Israel’s Defense Minister, on May 16. Responding to non-violent protests at Israeli borders and military posts,...
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Michelle Chen
Pesticides and Farm Labor Yield a Bitter Harvest
Shortly after the group of Mexican “guestworkers” arrived at a Tennessee tomato farm, they realized that their job was killing them, literally. In addition to being crowded into filthy trailers with...
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Chris Kromm
Are Teachers and Police Officers Imaginary People?
Growing up, some children have imaginary friends. Today, many politicians seem to live in a world of imaginary workers.
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Amitabh Pal
Obama’s Latin America Policy Not Too Different from Bush’s
This week is the second anniversary of the military coup in Honduras, an occasion to review the Obama Administration’s disappointing approach toward Latin America. On June 28, 2009, Honduran...
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Sarah Anderson
Europe Taking Lead on Speculations Tax
Out of the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis, an idea that progressives have been kicking around for decades – a financial transactions tax (FTT) – took on new life.
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Karen Greenberg
The FBI's Synagogue Bomb Plot
On Wednesday, a much-publicised FBI terrorism sting concluded when three of four men from Newburgh, New York were sentenced to 25 years in prison (a fourth will be sentenced next Tuesday).
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Dean Baker
Deficit Talk Distracts, Employment Works
Washington always does a superb job of focusing intently on problems that are of little importance. The current, end-of-the-world debt/deficit negotiations is a great case in point. President Obama...
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Glenn Greenwald
Torture Crimes Officially, Permanently Shielded
In August, 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder -- under continuous , aggressive prodding by the Obama White House --
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Gerald Friedman
Universal Health Care: Can We Afford Anything Less?
America’s broken health-care system suffers from what appear to be two separate problems. From the right, a chorus warns of the dangers of rising costs; we on the left focus on the growing number of...
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Anthony Newkirk
Tracking the Saudi Arms Deal
On May 19, President Barack Obama said that “extraordinary change” is sweeping the Middle East. But the president’s silence about signs of counter-revolution in the Middle East is deeply disturbing...
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Ramzy Baroud
US Foreign Policy Invigorated at the Expense of Gaza
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made a series of stern and fiery statements recently, giving the impression that war is somehow upon us once again.
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John Buell
Born on the Fourth of July?
Lately our political leaders talk a lot about borders. It is an article of faith that we must “secure our borders.” But is the concern for secure borders really a matter of our physical safety, a...
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Maura Stephens
Gov. Cuomo: Do Not Lift Fracking Moratorium
Dear Governor Cuomo, We just got word that you're about to lift the fracking moratorium in the New York City and Syracuse watersheds. I'm almost apoplectic from shock, anger, grief, and terror.
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