Views for 2011-06-30

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Charles Davis
Obama Loses His 'Constitutional Law Professor Hat'
As a candidate for president, Barack Obama was a Distinguished Constitutional Scholar. As a president waging an illegal war, he's just some guy who, gosh, isn't really in a position to talk about...
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Michelle Chen
Conservatives’ Seductive, Twisted Logic on the World’s “Missing” Girls
About 163 million female children have gone “missing” in Asia, and the ugly fact is stirring lots of new conversation about where and why they’ve disappeared.
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Robert C. Koehler
The End Times
“All the evidence shows that we are nearing the end of man’s tragic experiment in independence from God.” Wow, I thought. They get it. And suddenly I felt a burst of solidarity with the Jehovah’s...
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Paul Buchheit
Oh Say Can You Seethe..
Another Independence Day, and times are tough for everyone. No, not everyone. Sit back, get uncomfortable, and choose any one of these facts to make you mad. (1) The financial maneuverings of a...
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Joan Baxter
The New African Land Grab
The "town" chief of the village seemed to be in a state of shock. Sitting on the front porch of his mud and thatch home in Pujehun District in southern Sierra Leone, he struggled to find words that...
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Stephen Zunes
Washington Okays Attack on Unarmed U.S. Ship
The Obama administration appears to have given a green light to an Israeli attack on an unarmed flotilla carrying peace and human rights activists — including a vessel with 50 Americans on board —...
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Lasse Bruun
Time to End the Chemical War Against Superweeds
Have you ever thought about how your favorite picnic spot in the local city park is managed? Or what happens when herbicides are sprayed on the crops that make up your breakfast cereal? The truth is...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Militarized Surrealism of Barack Obama
It’s already gone, having barely outlasted its moment -- just long enough for the media to suggest that no one thought it added up to much.
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Jessica Opoien
Ohio, Wisconsin Reach for Progressive Era Tools to Fight Modern Robber Barons
On the same day that Gov. Scott Walker 's anti-public employee law takes effect in Wisconsin, public workers in Ohio can celebrate a victory in the battle for democracy.
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Karl Grossman
Atomic Energy: Unsafe in the Real World
Nuclear power requires “perfection” and “no acts of God,” we were warned years ago. This has been brought home by the ongoing disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami that struck the Fukushimi...
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Brenna Norton
Congress Should Reward Farmers Who Are Good Stewards
Oklahoma is facing its worst drought since the Dust Bowl. A historic drought is also gripping Texas and surrounding southern states. Floods have ravaged America’s heartland, and we’re discovering...
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Bill Quigley, Jocelyn Brooks
Displaced Women Demand Justice in Port au Prince
“We women demand!…” sang out a hundred plus voices “…Justice for Marie!” Marie, a 25 year old pregnant mother, was injured by government agents when they slammed a wooden door into her stomach during...
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